31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Three

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^picture by Hayley^

31-day Blogging Challenge #3

What I’m afraid of.

  1. Statues. Angel statues. Angel statues that are covering their eyes. I wasn’t scared of statues, but then I watched Blink, and now . . .  *sees angel statue.* *screams* *thinks, don’t blink don’t blink don’t blink* *wonders is there is a police call box nearby* *decides that a mirror would be nice too* *eyes start to water* *accepts the fact that I’m gonna die* *blinks* *”I’M NOT DEAD”* *starts screaming again, because if I scream loud enough someone might come and I won’t be the only one watching the statue-that-isn’t-a-statue*
  2. Individual people. I can talk or perform in front of a whole crowd, a roomful, but when it comes to talking to one person — nope.
  3. I get so freaked out when my brother stands in the shadows outside of doors, looking like a Weeping Angel, and then I come out the door and jump ten feet in the air.
  4. Messing up my lines when I’m acting.
  5. People hearing me sing.
  6. People reading my notebooks. I’ve got some dark stuff in there.
  8. Ticks. Those tiny blood-sucking monsters think I’m a sugar cube.
  9. Not being a good teammate. And by that I don’t mean I’m afraid of not having good sportsmanship or whatever, I’m afraid of not being athletic enough.
  10. Never getting a book published.



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