31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Six

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31-day Blogging Challenge #6

My worst habits.

I sleep in really late. I wish I didn’t, because, although I love sleep, I always miss seeing the beautiful sunrise!

I read all the time. That might not sound like a bad thing, but I stay up until twelve-o-clock reading.

I’m way too addicted to the internet.

When I compliment someone (which is not often), it usually leads up to getting something that I want. Example:

“Hey, Mom, you look really nice in that.”

“Aw, thanks, sweetie.”

“Can I borrow it?” And never give it back?

While that’s bad for the person receiving the compliment, it’s good for me. :D

 I won’t call people, not even my best friends. I just really don’t like talking on the phone. A couple of days ago, I was calling one of my BFs because the doll latte we’d made was melting, and I was silently congratulating myself for being so brave :) Unfortunately (or is it fortunately for me?), no one picked up.



6 thoughts on “31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Six

  1. Daddy says:

    Don’t let Loren fool you. She does give compliments, at least she compliments me when i really need one. Usually about how handsome I am. What a good girl.


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