31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Twelve

Before I get started on this post, I’m sorry I haven’t posted since the eleventh, but I’ve got a reason. I’m only going to write it once, though, so you’ll have to wait until the “Difficult Time in My Life” post to see what I’m talking about.

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31-day Blogging Challenge #12

Most proud moment.

I actually have two proudest moments, so let’s get started . . .

I was full of pride when I took my bows at a co-op musical. I’d auditioned for the part of a character named Zach, even though I was technically too young to get a part. I was only allowed to audition because I’d moved up a grade. Anyway, because I got the part, Zach’s name was changed to Zoe. I was so nervous before the show that I was shaking and my heart was beating crazily. I’d only memorized my many lines that day, but I didn’t make any mistakes.

My other proudest moment was when me and my friends won first place at a fair. We had to make a bunch of stuff and sell it for fake money at a gathering of public schoolers (My co-op was the only homeschool group there, and boy, did my classmates rack up the awards for the essay contest!) . When the judges were announcing the winners, they said that my brother and his friends had tied for third place. He came down from the stage and stuck his tongue out at me, because he had won something and I hadn’t.

My friend Kelsie really wanted us to win, but she pretty much gave up hope after they’d announced second place and it wasn’t us. Then they started talking about the first place winner, and they said they were from Eagle Marketplace — we were from Cloud Cuckoo Land, so it couldn’t be us. But then they said the business’s name: General Store of General Needs. That was us! Kelsie dragged me and my friends to the stage, where we accepted our prizes. The judges must have gotten the wrong school, but it was definitely my business . That was one of the greatest days of my life!



4 thoughts on “31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Twelve

  1. Daddy says:

    Those are really cool moments. I remember watching the musical. You did such a great job. I was proud of you too. There are so many things about you that i love that i would need to start my own blog to write it all down.


  2. Daddy says:

    I think my own personal accomplishments is when I graduated from college. It was soooo difficult. Oh yeah, and getting your mother to start dating me and then agreeing to marry me.

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