31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Seventeen

day 17

31-day Blogging Challenge #17

Dream job.

My parents suggested that I could be a waitress that works the night shift or something, since I’m a night owl and all that. They said I’d be able to write during the day and observe people during the night . . .

What I really want to be is an author! I love writing so, so much, and to make a living out of my stories . . . that would be a dream come true. Lot’s of you have said that I’m going to be a bestselling author one day, which means a lot to me! Whenever I ask my family whether my writing is any good, I always think part of the reason they say yes is because I’m their daughter :/ I could always ask my friend Issy what she thinks of it — she’s very blunt!

I’ve been writing fiction since I was old enough to write, and I think that if I ever learn to finish my books, I could achieve my dream!



17 thoughts on “31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Seventeen

  1. Hayley says:

    Oh come on, your family is not lying to you–trust me! We both could be Author buddies ;). You could make a living from blogging! Tons of people do it… Like the prairie homestead (one of my sisters favorites) and the elliott homestead (my sisters all time FAVORITE)… Plus the Elliott homestead actually is worspress hosted so she has a backside just like we do! Even though it doesn’t look like wordpress since she has used coding to make it look like it does. And her URL is .com. You should check them out…. Wow, Sorry for writing so much! Whatever you do I hope to hear about it so I can read all your famous books ;).

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  2. Evelynn Purple says:

    I also want to be an author, so what if we ran into each other one day at Wal-Mart while we where looking at our book stocks? I mean, you could read my books, and I could read your’s!

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  3. Hayley says:

    Hi again, this will probably be a long one too ;). I was wondering if you would like to make a guest post that I will post on my blog and I do the same for you. We could write on the same or kind-of the same topic…. I think that would be awesome sauce! Tell me what you think about it than we can talk some more ;). THANKS!


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