31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Twenty-Five

day 25

31-day Blogging Challenge #25

Have I changed in the last two years?

I was going to interview my family, but that would take too long and my brother’s answers would be very sarcastic, so . . .

I personally think my eyes got grayer and my hair (which has been changed from normal-boring to side bangs-boring) got darker brown. There’s also this odd little curl.

I also got smarter and taller. Where’s my Captain Obvious award?

My introvert-ness has come out, and I love my dolls more. I didn’t like writing two years ago, and I’ve become an Ultimate Fangirl, joining the Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, and Owl City fandoms. I didn’t have an internet life either, or my blogs. God bless America, more people need internet lives . . .

The love of pizza has only grown stronger.

I didn’t need glasses two years ago -_- *glares accusingly at my eyeballs* *wait that won’t work* Still haven’t broken any bones, though! And I’ve definitely progressed in the bookworm department. I’ve barely worn skirts or dresses! #victory

And that’s about it ☺



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