31-day Blogging Challenge — Day Twenty-Six

day 26

31-day Blogging Challenge #26

Something I always think “what if?” about.

What if I never get published?

I am really, really scared of that thought.

I probably won’t get published as a teenager, maybe not even a young adult. I might be forty before I ever get a novel published. But to never get published at all . . . that’s something I try not to think about, but my mind isn’t very obedient. So I end up thinking about it a lot.

The main story I’m working on right now, known to some as Guardian Angels, is currently eleven pages long, 4,371 words. It’s the longest story I’ve ever written by myself, but it doesn’t seem like much. Only eleven pages.

I often find myself thinking, What if I never finish a story? That’s another thought I’m quite scared of. According to my mom, my stories are great: they start out  in the midst of the action, they have interesting characters and an exciting plot, etc. If I can just figure out how to pull all the loose ends together and finish a book, it could be a best seller. But I’m not sure how to do that.

Looking at blank paper isn’t what scares me. Looking at how little of my story I’ve written doesn’t scare me. It’s never getting published that makes me want to cry.

Never. Getting. Published.

That’s a peek inside a writer’s mind. A writer’s greatest fear.

Till tomorrow,



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