Ice Cream Cone Award

Ice Cream Cone Award

Geeky_Girl nominated me for the Ice Cream Cone Award, an award celebrating National Ice Cream Cone Day. Thanks!

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Ooh, that’s a dangerous question . . . I love a lot of flavors, but mint chocolate chip and orange sherbet are my favorites.

What ice cream flavor would you invent?

Pizza flavor . . . *rubs hands together evilly* Just kidding — that sounds gross. They probably already exist, but Andes Mints or Skittles flavor sounds good to me.

Garlic ice cream or olive?

That’s just gross! I absolutely hate olives, so garlic.

Sprinkles or chocolate chips?

Sprinkles, all the way! They’re like little pieces broken off of rainbows. That, or they’re unicorn hair.

Gummy bears or gummy worms?

Mmm, gummy bears!

Chocolate sauce or whip cream?

*drools* I am in love with whip cream ♥

Ice cream on a cold day or hot day?

Hot day, obviously, even though I continue to eat ice cream throughout the winter months.

Chocolate or vanilla?

I’m not really a fan of either one, but if I had to pick, I’d say chocolate — even though I like the vanilla at Kline’s better than the chocolate.

Favorite ice cream topping?

Tiny pieces of Andes Mints!

Cone or cup?

Sugar cone . . . but my ice cream scoops have fallen out of my cones many times.

OK, so I thought of a cool way to pick nominations. You would ask a question (is your favorite color blue, do you like macaroni pizza, etc.) and if your readers answer “yes,” then they can do the award!

Here we go . . .

Are you an introvert?

So if you’re an introvert, consider yourself nominated!



19 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cone Award

  1. Hayley says:

    This is a great award 😋. I was working an award post earlier and the question came up if I was an introvert or an extrovert and I couldn’t pick one because I go both ways, depending on how I’m feeling… So I don’t really know if I’m in introvert yet, I’m still trying to figure that one out 😂.


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