American Heritage Girls Award Ceremony


About a month ago, my American Heritage Girls troop had an award ceremony. My mom, who is the troop coordinator (not sure what that means but I’m too lazy to figure it out), was trying to come up with a cool way of presenting the awards. She was leaning towards taping them onto pencils and tying ribbons on the tips, like a wand, which I thought was a horrible idea. I decided to take action and suggested that she stick the awards onto notebooks.

It was back-to-school time when this took place, so you could get notebooks at Target for like fifty cents each or something like that. They were boring notebooks — plain and ugly — so scrapbook paper was glued to the covers.

My mom used painter’s tape to attach the badges to the notebooks. The painter’s tape held the badges on nicely, and they were easy to pull off. To finish it off, Mom wrote the names of the girls on mailing labels and stuck them to the bottom corner of the notebooks.


We added a pen and the notebooks were ready! The notebook above is mine — I don’t mean to brag, but I got the most awards out of everybody that night. ☺ Nine badges total!

Are you in AHG or some other scouting group?



15 thoughts on “American Heritage Girls Award Ceremony

  1. Geeky_Girl says:

    Awesome!! I’m in AHG I am a pioneer!! Only 10 hours for the star I have to do like 20!!! :) Your badges look awesome nice idea right now I am working on my Search and Rescue Badge!! Happy Scouting

    Geeky_Girl <3


  2. Megan (A Barefoot Gal) says:

    I’m probably going to join AHG. :) It sounds like so much fun! I remember when I was little I tried to get my brother to try to find ten snails, then we would get a ‘badge’ XD
    Is your mom troop coordinator for all of the groups?


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