Mad Hatter Costume

My family doesn’t celebrate Halloween — instead, we go to the Fall Festival, an event run by my church. There’s lots of games, candy, and, of course, cool costumes.

Doctor Who Oswin Asylum of the Daleks


When I started thinking about who I was going to dress up as, I immediately thought of Oswin from Doctor Who. However, I had nothing in my closet that was even remotely similar to her outfit, so I had to pick something else.

Chasing Fireflies Mad Hatter costume


I looked around Chasing Fireflies for inspiration and found this Mad Hatter costume. I love weird costumes and Alice in Wonderland, so I decided to be the Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter costume inspiration

Here is the costume I put together!

Mad Hatter costume inspiration

I suppose the costume could have worked without the black leggings, but I’m not a skirts/dresses kind of girl :)

Mad Hatter costume inspiration

I got the vest and shirt from Goodwill. The Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter has a large, loose bow tie, so I tied my mom’s plaid scarf around my neck in a big puffy bow.

Mad Hatter costume inspiration

My mom made me this awesome top hat out of cardboard! She tied a *cough cough* weird *cough cough* scarf around it and tucked two playing cards into it — one is the Queen of Hearts. (Heheh, get it? “Off with their heads!”)

I hope you liked looking at my costume!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?



18 thoughts on “Mad Hatter Costume

  1. Annecy says:

    I’m gonna be Satsuki from my neighbor totoro. I have so much merch, I only had to buy three things, or the outfit, mainly. Watch the movie, if you havent, cuz its GREAT.


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