Christmas Wishlist

iTunes gift card


iTunes gift cards! I need to buy some more Owl City songs. :)

Claire's gift card


Claire’s gift card, so I can buy earrings.

Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosch


Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosch. I LOVE this author.

Keeper of the Lost Cities book three, Everblaze


Buy book three, Everblaze, HERE.

Keeper of the Lost Cities book four, Neverseen


Book four, Neverseen:

Dear family that likes to buy me Christmas presents,

If you’re going to buy me the books in a series, please make sure that you buy them in order — for example, it would be pretty sad if I was given Neverseen if I didn’t have Everblaze.


a most definitely not selfish Loren

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor POP!


The Tenth Doctor POP! He’s sooo cute! Just look at his hair and his screwdriver and asdfghjkl. Buy him HERE.

Doctor Who TARDIS slouch backpack


This TARDIS slouch backpack is adorable! Buy it HERE.

Doctor Who TARDIS Earbuds


As you can see, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. ☺ I’m in need of some new earbuds, and these would be perfect! Buy them HERE.

Doctor Who Keep Calm and Don't Blink T-shirt


Keep Calm and Don’t Blink T-shirt. Buy it here:

Good Game, I Hate You | T-Shirt | Front


Buy it here:

What’s on your Christmas list?


 This may sound weird, but I like shark teeth. I’m really good at finding them, too.

23 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist

  1. Misty says:

    Awesome list! The only thing on my list right now is a new camera. xD Still, that’s pretty big. I also love the little note to your family on the books–ha ha! Yes, I can relate.


  2. Ms. AGdoll says:

    I love Pseudonymous Bosch books too! I couldn’t stop reading the Secret Series.
    My Christmas list includes………………….MLP Blind Bags, The Unwanteds series of books, and a large Target giftcard (to buy Our Generation stuff for my dolls :P). Oh, and a huge pile of Kit Kat bars.

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


    WHAT YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN’T READ Everblaze OR Neverseen!?!?! Also, brace yourself when you get to Neverseen.

    Have you seen Shannon Messenger’s blog? She posts updates on her newest books on there, so if you haven’t seen it, you might want to check it out. :mrgreen:


    • Loren says:

      I love the Secret Series! I’ve read it twice. :)

      Ooh, MLP Blind Bags . . . they would make great stocking stuffers!


      P.S. Oh, I know, how horrible of me. But every time I go to the bookstore to get the Keepers books, they’re never in stock! I’ve been looking for Exile since Magnus Chase came out, and my dad finally bought it for me today. :D Although now I have to wait for Books-a-Million to ship it . . .

      P.S.S. That sounds cool! Can you send me the link?


  3. Ms. AGdoll says:

    Sure! Here’s the link:

    Aw, that’s too bad. I hope you get to read Exile soon!
    Maybe you could try ordering them online? I know sells them, cause we have the whole series and that’s where we bought them. We pre-ordered Neverseen on there and it arrived on the day of it’s release! The only problem was, my sister and I both wanted to read it at the same time, so we drew straws, & I won! :roll: Neverseen is a SUPER long book.

    ~Ms. AGdoll~

    P.S. If you go to Shannon Messenger’s Instagram she posted a bunch of teasers for Neverseen about a month ago, in case you wanted to read them.

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  4. Kathleen @dollsanddance says:

    Haha, guess it’s time to start thinking!

    I love your list! Those shirts are awesome! Also, I suspect that I need to read Keeper of the Lost Cities — do you know which one is first? (haha, never ask a fangirl if she knows which is first. “ARE YOU KIDDING? DO I KNOW WHICH IS FIRST? OF COURSE I DO! BOOKS ARE MY LIFE!”)

    A bookstore giftcard, Joann’s gift card, Etsy gift card, OG stuff, Rebecca, hair nets (my buns keep falling out), The One and Only Ivan, perhaps a photography class, money so that when I finish my book I can actually pay a printing place to print a few copies for my friends and I, tickets to see Riverdance, and a stocking full of bobby pins and blister bandaids. :b
    Definitely not getting all of it, but it’s fun to dream!

    I always do long comments…….

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    • Loren says:

      Yep . . . people were asking me what I wanted on THANKSGIVING.

      Thank you! I’m totally in love with the shirts.

      Yeah, you definitely need to read Keeper of the Lost Cities. The first one is called . . . Keeper of the Lost Cities.

      I hope you get what you want, Kath!

      And I always love reading them. :)


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  5. nicole says:

    I want want a trampoline! I already found it in my basement because I mean, you can really hide a trampoline box. Lol! I hope you get what you want! Of course I don’t get a lot because of my greedy sister asking for so much stuff! He he!


  6. McKayla says:

    Awesome! I’m asking for books [of course, this is me we’re talking about], Marvel DVDs, an AG Maryellen mini doll, a BJD wig and customizable doll, and a heck ton of Funko POP!s that nobody will ever buy me. XD.

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