Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Challenge Two


It’s time for challenge two of Creating Worlds Writing Camp.

I got entries from . . .

Creating Worlds Writing Camp Team DragonsMystery Class logo source

Ellie (On the Other Side of Reality)

Jaclynn (Little Miss Fluffet)

MBROWN110504 (In Which I Write About What Pops Into My Mind)

Megan (A Barefoot Gal)


Allison (A Farm Girl’s Life)

Points: 14

Creating Worlds Writing Camp Team Half-BloodTrident image source

Hope (All Things Doll)


Anna (Daydreaming Dolls)

Bella (Many Marigolds)

Points: 8

Creating Worlds Writing Camp Team Narnia Aslan image source

Crabbyaglover (AG Dolls and Fun)

Misty (mistycreativewriting)


Mya (AG Lane)

Josie (Josie on the Go)

Kathryn (In the Depths of Dreams)

Points: 15

Creating Worlds Writing Camp Team Keepers Black Swan logo source

Clara (Clara’s Craft Corner)

Anonymous A (Happy Days with Anonymous A)

Bella (Riding in Style)

Nicole (The Secret Life of an Irish Dancer)

Emma (Drawn to Writing)

K.A. (Cuddly Critters Blog)

Points: 14

I loved all of your stories, they were fabulous and extremely creative!

If you posted/sent me your story, but you don’t see your name up there, just drop me a comment and I’ll add it straightaway.

I forgot to explain the point system in my last CWWC post, so I’ll do it now. You get one point for posting on time, and another point for every prompt you use. The team with the most points at the end of camp wins.

Also, feel free to put your team poster on your sidebar!

Challenge Two Prompts







The more prompts you work into your story, the more points your team will get. Entries for challenge two are due by midnight on December 10th.

Good luck, guys!



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