The Christmas Challenge — Days Eight & Nine

December/Christmas blogging challenge

{Image belongs to Kathryn}

Do you Believe in Santa?

No. I was never told that Santa was real, and the story never seemed believable to me. I mean, how could a reindeer-powered sleigh go around the world in ONE NIGHT, stopping at just about every house?

So . . . no.

Elves or Reindeer? Why?

Elves. Totally elves. They’re awesome.


There’s Legolas . . .

Sophie Foster Keeper of the Lost Cities


Sophie Foster . . .


Elves are just really cool. And the only famous reindeer is Rudolph.



Sixteen days till Christmas . . . Sixteen days till Christmas . . .


33 thoughts on “The Christmas Challenge — Days Eight & Nine

  1. littlehouseofamericangirl says:

    YES!!! ELVES ALL THE WAY!!! *starts going insane cause I desperately need to watch LOTR* *thinks of every amazing elf in LOTR* *hears the awesome elf music* *sees the elves coming to the aid of Theoden* *dies*
    ~Alatariel Faelivrin~
    P.S. OOH!! I wonder what YOUR elf name is, Loren!! You should totally find out! I’d do it for you, but I don’t know your last name LOL!


  2. Kathryn says:

    Haha, I shoved a picture of Legolas in today’s prompt as well. XD ELVES FOR DA WIN.
    My elvish name is Manwathiel.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Emma (Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls) says:

    YES! ELVES ROCK! But, I may just be biased because of Keeper of the Lost Cities… But you know, reindeers don’t hold a candle to Sophie, and Keefe, and Fitz….XD
    PS- My LOTR elven name is Gilraen Sirfalas!:)


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