Four Fun Christmas Songs + the Christmas Challenge


Er, yes. As my alter ego helpfully announced, there are only nine days until Christmas! That being said, I wanted to share four Christmas songs I’m enjoying right now.

Straight No Chaser -- The Christmas Can-Can


  1. “The Christmas Can-Can” by Straight No Chaser. This song is absolutely hilarious (it’s random, as well — and that’s always a good thing). Seriously, they actually say “I’m just gonna go grab some Chinese food” at one point. Watch it here (with lyrics):

Jingle Bells (Bass) -- Basshunter


2. “Jingle Bells (Bass)” by Basshunter. Basically Jingle Bells . . . but cooler. And I want to point out that it has the cutest album name: LOL <(^^,)>. Watch it here:

Straight No Chaser Christmas Cheers


3. “Twelve Days of Christmas,” another song by Straight No Chaser. All I can say is that it’s weird and, well . . . just go listen to it:

Owl City Peppermint Winter quotes


4. Last but not least, “Peppermint Winter” by Owl City. It’s less of a Christmas song and more of just a winter-y song, but it’s still quite good. :) Watch it here:

December/Christmas blogging challenge

{Image belongs to Kathryn}

write what Christmas smells like

OK. This is going to more of what I think Christmas should smell like, and not what it actually smells like . . . Here goes nothing.

Fragrant Christmas trees. Warm, spicy gingerbread cookies. Crisp, freshly fallen snow (Because snow really does have its own smell. Almost like . . . really cold water :P ).

That’s all I’ve got.

fuzzy socks or sweaters?

Fuzzy socks. Part cozy, part fluffy, and all ninja. Plus, it’s fun to slide down the hallway in my fuzzy socks. :)

Remember, your entries for CWWC Challenge Four are due by midnight!

Merry Christmas!



46 thoughts on “Four Fun Christmas Songs + the Christmas Challenge

  1. Ms. AGdoll says:

    Yay Christmas!! :star: :D

    The Christmas Challenge is so cool! I love reading your answers. :)

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


  2. Clara says:

    Any suggestions on how to survive the next nine days? XD Awesome songs!
    I’ve never smelled snow… *sigh* Maybe someday! ;)
    Are you posting the next prompt tomorrow?


  3. Josie says:

    Wait, the stories are due tonight? I have my story written, is it okay if I post it when I wake up tomorrow morning? I’ve already done two posts today.


  4. Allison says:

    I love Straight No Chasers Christmas songs! Those two are hilarious. Did you know that they have a whole album of Christmas songs, most of which are funny? One is “Donde Esta Santa Claus” – a good song to help you polish up your Spanish skills. :)


  5. wizepuppy says:

    Those two Straight No Chaser songs are two of my absolute favs. 😋 Although, I really like Owl City’s music, so I’ll need to check that song out. Hhmmmmmm 😉


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