New Blog Buttons


I recently made new buttons for my blog.

Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes button

Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes button

I’d really appreciate it if you would update my button. Just chose one of the two I featured above and add it to you blog’s sidebar/Blog Buttons page.

I want to say thank you to my friend Megan, who created my blog’s first button (You can see the button she made for me HERE).

Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)


P.S. My homeschool co-op met today — we just got back from Christmas break. That means — wait for it — new classes! *groans* My class has Logic (an hour of “If P, then Q.” A little piece of me died in there), P.E., and Musical. The musical is, in short, about a Syrian refugee fleeing to Greece, and an American girl that gets leukemia. I want to get a main role, but I got the lead role the last time we did the musical, so it’s  likely that they’ll give the big roles to someone with . . . um . . . less experience.


23 thoughts on “New Blog Buttons

  1. Allison says:

    Sure I’ll update your button! Hmmm… the musical this year sounds kind of… strange. :) You should have been in Logic class when Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Cox taught it together – now that was fun!


  2. Megan (A Barefoot Gal) says:

    Okay, you’re gonna have to pick which one you want me too. Have. :| I love them both! :D
    That musical sounds, well, I don’t know. It sounds kind of interesting, is it a musical even? Did you listen to it or anything because if Mrs. Carriker wrote it, would it have a sound track?

    P.S. Oh dear. I have trouble remembering my P.Ss. I think of it, write my comment, and then totally forget. :P But it will probably come about two weeks later. xD


  3. nicole says:

    Ooh!! They are so pretty! :) Would you like to swapp? My is on my “button” page on my blog! Would it be OK to use both of them?


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