Why Mints are Bossy — Part Two

Today I’m going to share the second part of a story I wrote for my IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) class.

Part One.

Why Mints are Bossy

      Time went by, and Minty had still not aided the child. But he had sworn to help her, so he would be her little minty guardian angel, responding to any plea for help that she might utter.

      Imagine his enormous relief when AJ suddenly cried out in pain, pausing her video game and dropping the remote.

      What’s this? Minty wondered hopefully, which may seem rather cruel to you, dear reader. But in reality, he had been away from his people — the sweet tribe of the Dinner Mints — for a great deal of time, and only when he assisted the human would he be able to return. And if the girl was injured, well, that meant he could help her, thus enabling him to be reunited with his tribe.

      The light pink mint peeked out from under the beige leather chair, watching AJ as she slumped against the couch, whimpering pitifully. She was clutching her shoulder, her face scrunched up in pain. Although Minty was terrified of the human (she had tried to devour him, after all), he hopped toward her bravely.

      “I — I can help,” he called up to her, his voice tiny and shaky. “Let me see your shoulder.”

      AJ fixed scared eyes on Minty. “You can talk?” she breathed in disbelief. She had played too many fantasy video games to be surprised by anything, including a mint that was alive.

      “Yes,” he squeaked.

      AJ didn’t know how the wee mint could help her, but she willingly shifted her body so that her injured shoulder was facing him.

      Minty took a deep breath and leapt into the air, zooming toward her. “Falcon . . . PUNCH!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. He slammed into AJ’s shoulder with so much force that it was shoved back into its socket.

      “Ow!” she shrieked. “Ow, that hurt!” Then she rolled it tenderly, and was surprised to find that it didn’t hurt as much as it had previously. “But, I think you fixed it. So, uh, thanks, Mr. . . .?”

      “Minty,” he supplied.

      “OK, Mr. Minty. Thank you.”

      Minty squared his shoulders, lifted his chin, and stared straight into the savage eyes of the beast. (I might add that he was a tad dramatic — AJ was no beast, and there was no savagery in her eyes.) “Miss,” he shouted, “I’m afraid that I need to take you into custody.”

      AJ looked confused for a moment, and then she snorted. “Yeah, right. And why would I go with you? I could just walk out of this room, and you wouldn’t be able to stop me. So why, I ask, why would I allow you to take me into custody?”

      Minty flexed his arms nonchalantly. “In case you’ve forgotten,” he announced calmly, “I had the power to slam your shoulder back into its socket. You don’t think I could hurt you if it was necessary?”

      She gulped, eyeing Mr. Minty warily. He was perfectly capable of injuring her. Perhaps if she went with him without protesting, he would spare her. “OK,” AJ told him nervously, giving in. “I’m now in your custody, o mighty Mr. Minty.”


P.S. Yesterday, I went snow tubing with my Youth Group! It was quite a lot of fun, although the tubes were a lot heavier than I thought they would be. We were allowed to snow tube backwards, make the tubes spin around and around, and attach two snow tubes together so we could ride down with a friend. It was very fun — you should definitely go snow tubing sometime if you haven’t already!


39 thoughts on “Why Mints are Bossy — Part Two

  1. Rebekah says:

    The snowing tubing sounds great! When I went snow tubing with my youth group I went down once and decided never to do it again. I hit my pelvis bone and could barely walk the rest of the weekend:)


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