The Awesome Food Award

The Awesome Food Award

A long time ago, when the earth was green, Clara nominated me for the Awesome Food Award! Thanks, Clara!

Hard or soft candy?

Both. ‘Cause, I mean, chocolate is a soft candy, but other good things, like mint Lifesavers, are hard.

 Chocolate-y or fruity candy?

Heheh. That’s funny. Chocolate, obviously.

Do you like chocolate and nuts together?

Mmm, yes. Mr. Goodbars are amazing.

Top favorite candy?

After dark chocolate and Andes Mints . . . um, Skittles and Starbursts.

Do you eat a lot of candy?

Well. I wouldn’t say “a lot.” I might grab an Andes Mint after lunch, and some kind of dessert before bed, but I only eat a lot of candy around holidays.

 Favorite type of gum?

The chewy kind. Duh. JK, Double Bubble is good.

What’s your opinion on white chocolate?

Ew. That’s my opinion. I mean, it doesn’t even taste like chocolate . . .

 If you could invent a new candy, what would it be like?

Eh . . . minty. :)

 Would you like to eat just chocolate for a whole day?

Why is this even a question? Who WOULDN’T want to eat chocolate for a whole day?

 Worst candy you’ve ever tasted?

Right off the top of my head . . . grape Jolly Ranchers. That horrific grape-flavored medicine has officially ruined purple grapes for me.

Thanks again, Clara!
I nominate anyone who likes pizza.
 I can peel clementines (tiny oranges) and have the skin stay all in one piece. I’ve probably discovered my hidden talent.

33 thoughts on “The Awesome Food Award

  1. Megan (A Barefoot Gal) says:

    Yummy! XD I love white chocolate… who says it has to be chocolate to be good? :P
    I like Hubba Bubba gum, you can blow huge bubbles with it! (or, if you are like me, you can blow bubbles with it.)
    I can sometimes peel Clementines all in one piece, but they have to be the Cutie kind. :D

    P.S. What ever happened to Clementine Jr?
    P.P.S. Do you know if you are going to do the review on Allison’s octopus soon? :)


    • Loren says:

      I have decided to ignore the first part. XD

      Mmm, Hubba Bubba . . .



      P.S. Clementine Jr. started to rot, so my mum ate her. XD

      P.P.S. Yes, I’m going to do that super soon. I’ve just been crazy busy the past few days, and haven’t had a chance to take pictures.


  2. Sophia says:

    Well there’s green alligators, and long neck geese
    Some humpty back camels and some chimpanzees
    Some cats and rats and elephants….

    Hahahaha sorry XD

    Candy is amazing :3


  3. Allison says:

    I totally agree with you on white chocolate – it’s like some strange albino species that doesn’t even taste like chocolate. XP And also pretty much anything grape-flavored is yucky to me because, yes, it tastes like grape medicine. Sorry to ruin your hidden talent, but I can to that too! Mwahaha! XD XD XD Or maybe we both have the same hidden talents. But actually, I think some of my brothers and sisters have done that too… :D XD :P


    • Loren says:

      LOL! Quite true.

      Yep, grape medicine is disgusting. :P

      *gasp* No . . . it was all that made me special . . . *weeps* JK! I guess other people need to have some of the same talents as you, otherwise your “talent” is just a freakish thing, right? Like, if you could . . . idk . . . swallow your tongue, it would be considered weird instead of a talent. XD


  4. Misty says:

    Yucko, white chocolate doesn’t taste anything like chocolate to me, either. :P Unfortunately, I’ve never liked pizza in my life….. XD


  5. Polka Dot Bee says:

    White chocolate by itself I dislike, but, like Jaclynn, it tastes great paired with pretzels! Grape flavored jolly ranchers are the worst, I always avoid them if I can ;)


  6. AnonymousA says:

    I’m doing this. I *LOVE* Chocolate in all its forms…. yes, even white chocolate. Dark chocolate. Hershey’s Symphony. Hershey’s cookies’n’cream. I am taking this award!


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