Writing Prompt #1: Island of Nightmares

 Yo-ho-ho! Ahoy thar, mateys. Yar cap’n (me) has some news for ye motley scallywags.

Sorry, this post doesn’t have anything to do with pirates. I’m just in a very pirate-y mood (Yeah, thanks a lot, IEW paper).

But it’s still exciting, even if pirates aren’t in it. Behold . . .

The Writing Prompt!

Island of Nightmares.png

I’m doing writing prompts now, and numbering them like the fancy ones on Pinterest. “Island of Nightmares” is the first one, but I have three more ready to go, and several more in the works.

One last thing . . .

YOU can submit your own writing prompt through the form below! All you have to do is enter first name/username, your email, and an appropriate writing/dialogue prompt. Then I’ll turn your prompt into a nice picture like the one above and post it on my blog. You’d get credit, of course — I’d put something along the lines of “submitted by your-name-here” on the picture.

If you write something inspired by my writing prompt, post it in the comments!



28 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #1: Island of Nightmares

  1. Anika says:

    There was a knock at the door.
    “I’ll get it, Mom!” I shouted from the dining room.
    I opened the door and looked up into the face of a tall ugly man in black.
    He looked scary.
    “M..m..mom! S..someone’s here to s..see you!” I yelled nervously.
    I heard mom thumping down the stairs.
    I heard heavy breathing behind me.
    I whirled around and there in front of me stood not mom, but one of my greatest fears.
    A pirate.
    And he wasn’t just any pirate, he was was a captain.
    And he wasn’t just any captain, but Captain Hook himself
    Hook grabbed me and with the help of the Man in Black managed to drag me to a black car and throw me into the back seat.
    “Where are you taking me?” I asked as I sat up, rubbing my bruised shoulder.
    The Man in Black just grunted.
    Pretty soon the car had reached the docks and was driving on a pier.
    “Why are we driving into the… help!”
    The car drove right off the dock and landed in the water and sunk to the bottom.
    I looked up front and screamed.
    Hook and Black where gone.
    Suddenly water stopped filling into the car and everything was dry.
    I opened the door and it turned out I wasn’t in the car at all, but was now standing outside of a giant mansion. It was tall, and dark and scary looking.
    Another of my greatest fears.
    Suddenly a voice said from behind me,
    “Welcome to the Island of Nightmares, where your dreams come to life. Enjoy your stay because you’re not leaving… ever.”
    I gasped and turned around.
    Standing behind me was a clown.
    And not just any clown, but the scariest clown in the history of clowns.
    He laughed as something else appeared from the dark.
    It was a giant lion.
    The lion roared and charged at me.
    I screamed.

    I hope that y’all liked that! I will continue of you wish.

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  2. Anika says:

    Here is some more of’ “The Island of Nightmares.” (The name of my story)

    The lion charged at me, then disappeared.
    Everything disappeared.
    I was alone in a land of darkness.
    Suddenly, a bright light shone and a kind looking man came walking towards me.
    “You seem lost.” He said, a kind smile on his face.
    “Yes.” I answered.
    “You look like you have seen Ghost.” He said, wrapping a blanket around my shivering shoulders.
    “A ghost?!” I cried.
    “Oh, don’t be frightened. Ghost will not hurt you if you are quiet.”
    The man said as he led me through the darkness.
    “Where am I?” I whimpered.
    “The Island of Nightmares.” He answered.
    “What’s your name?” I asked.
    “I am Daniel.” He answered.
    “Daniel, why am I here?” I asked.
    “Venisha, you are here as the next Nightmare Hero.” He answered.
    “What?” I asked.
    “The Nightmare Hero is a person who is sent from the real world to save The Land of Dreams when it is in peril.” Daniel said.
    “Queen Christofina has been imprisoned by Lord Demetre. And you need to save her from the Dungeon of Lies in Lord Demetre’s Palace of Darkness.”
    “But, why was I kidnapped to be brought here?” I asked.
    “Lord Demetre sent his henchmen, Hook and Black to kidnap you. For he knew that you where to be the next Nightmare Hero.” Daniel answered.
    “The next Nightmare Hero?” I quered.
    “Yes. You are the fifth Nightmare Hero. Knight Opal was the first, he defeated The Giant Dark. Then came Lady Tasha, she defeated The Witch Vain. Then came Sir Issac, he conquered The Troll Fearsome. Then came Maid Melody, she defeated The Queen Ice. And now you, Princess Venisha, are here, to defeat Lord Demetre.”
    “You can call me Vee for short, and why can’t Maid Melody defeat Lord Demetre?” I asked.
    “Because, after a Nightmare Hero defeats the evil, he or she goes back to the real world, Never to return again.” Daniel answered.

    This is all I can write for now! I’ll write more later. (I think I’m gonna make this into a book.)


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