Writing Prompt #2: I Regret Nothing

Here’s my second writing prompt:

I Regret Nothing.png

If you write something inspired by my writing prompt, post it in the comments!

A word about the writing prompts that YOU sent in . . . I’ve gotten eight so far, which is amazing! A big thanks to Megan (A Barefoot Gal), K.A., OurAmericanGirlDollhouse, Chaespeedreader, Ms. AGdoll, Danielle, and HopeHarman, who all sent in prompts. K.A. actually sent in two!

YOU can submit your own writing prompt through the form below! All you have to do is enter first name/username, your email, and an appropriate writing/dialogue prompt. Then I’ll turn your prompt into a nice picture like the one above and post it on my blog. You’d get credit, of course — I’d put something along the lines of “submitted by your-name-here” on the picture.



23 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #2: I Regret Nothing

  1. Addy says:

    Explosions sounded across the district of kanoba, buildings crashed down to the ground as people screamed and tried to escape helplessly. Cedric searched frantically and then he found him. Standing on broken concrete streets stood the young boy, whose hair was black now and his eyes red, not the blond blue eyed boy from one hour before. Zadar stood there carelessly wind blowing his coat behind him.
    “Zadar!” yelled Cedric, Zadar didn’t look his way, he was still staring at the highest skyscraper called the Gap,
    “What have you done?! I trusted you!” yelled Cedric. Zadar still didn’t look his way but said; “It had to be done”
    “It had to be done?! You blew up half the city!” yelled Cedric.
    “I regret nothing” said Zadar.


  2. Ag Dolls 4 Ever says:

    I ran down the creaky stairs to the basement. I grabbed an old bin of Legos. I fiddled around with them until the rush of inspiration struck. I built an astonishing city. It had shops, houses, and farms. Soon after my dad ran down stairs, threw me my homework, and said “Homework time, kiddo.” As the homework flew through the air, it was like an atomic bomb to my Lego city. It came down and destroyed half the city. “You blew up half the city!” I said. “I regret nothing. Do your homework,” said my dad.
    Yes, it’s really random, I know. It probably has a lot of typos and the story was the first thing that came to my mind. Love the prompt though!

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