BIBPC #2: Food {Hot Cocoa}

I’m posting my entry for the second challenge in Megan‘s Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest! The theme this time was Food.


Megan — this is the photo I’m entering for BIBPC.

I took a lot of pictures of my hot chocolate on my quest for the perfect image, and I decided to include some of favorites from that batch below. Here they are:





I love this one!

What do you like on your hot cocoa? I like marshmallows, whipped cream, a candy cane, and tiny pieces of Andes Mints. ☺


As some of you know, I got smacked in the eye with a branch yesterday. I was hoping to develop a black eye from this unpleasant experience, but so far, my eyelid has only swollen up and begun to turn red.


57 thoughts on “BIBPC #2: Food {Hot Cocoa}

      • K.A. says:

        You’re welcome! Oh, and I wanted to get your recommendation on something! Is that alright? Since you like books so much, I was wondering if you could give me a few recommendations that you think would be good for me, an 11 year old! If it has to do with animals, then I would probably LOVE it even more! :D :D XD :)


        • Loren says:

          OK! The Phantom Stallion series and the Wild Horse Island series, both by Terri Farley, are two series that you might want to check out. They’re about horses (Phantom Stallion series follows Samantha Foster and her wild horse Phantom/Blackie, and the Wild Horse Island books follow Darby Carter and her mare Hoku). There are a lot of books in each series, so they should keep you entertained for awhile. :)


      • K.A. says:

        Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I also finished the Cloak of the light book! It wasn’t really about whatever I told you it was about…it was about a guy named Drew, who discovers a new realm of the world, and he thinks it’s a realm of aliens, but it’s not! That’s more of what it’s about!!!!! But, ya, I would love your recommendation on good books! Thanks in advance!!!!


  1. Allison says:

    Whoa! At first glance, I just thought the first picture was a stock photo – wonderful job, Loren! It looks so yummy and beautiful!
    And about your eye – what a disappointment! XD That note was really funny.


  2. wizepuppy says:

    Ooooohhh now my mouth is really watering. I LOVED the entry photo. How do you always focus your pictures so perfectly??

    I must say that I really like whipped cream, a mini candy cane, a tad bit of milk, and if we have any, coffee creamer. The coffee creamer really gives it a nice rich and slightly ‘coffee’ flavor. 😉
    ~ Suzy

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  3. K.A. says:

    Okay, now every time I scroll through my reader, this pic is there! Really Loren?! :P Every time I see it, it’s like AGH! I HAVE to have hot chocolate!! :P XD *Goes into the Kitchen to see how much hot chocolate is left* XD Now I really want hot chocolate! Thanks a lot! Just kidding!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Loren says:

      Thank you, Vivian! I’m glad you like the name — it took a long time to come up with. btw, I took a look at your blog, and I think it’s fantastic! I seriously love your blog’s button.



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