BIBPC #3: Everyday Things {Tick, Tock}


Hey, guys! This is my entry for Challenge Three of Megan’s Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest. Come on, Team Rose, we can do it!

Well, now that that’s over . . .

I went ice skating on Thursday! I’ve always wanted to try it. It was a lot of fun (although my ankles feel like piles of aching poo), and I really want to go again with some of my friends. By the time we were done ice skating, I was actually pretty good at it — a could do tight turns (not on my toes, of course), go fairly fast, and I had pretty good balance. :)



6 thoughts on “BIBPC #3: Everyday Things {Tick, Tock}

  1. Hayley says:

    I love the picture!! Sounds like you’re really good at ice skating! I’ve never tried to ice skate… But I LOVE roller skating so I think I’d like ice skating :).

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  2. Mafoma says:

    I love that picture! It reminds me of a book called The Lost Track of Time ;-) .Ice staking is a lot of fun. I personally think I’m good at it.


  3. K.A. says:

    Cool! Sounds fun! XD Is it fun??? We had a chance to go Ice Skating a while back, but weren’t able to. :'( XD I’ve always wanted to!!!


  4. Danielle says:

    I loooooove ice skating! I wanted to take lessons, but it was to expensive and the rink is to far away. :(
    I am able to spin (not on my toes;P) and go on one leg. :)


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