BIBPC #4: Landscapes


Here’s my picture for Challenge Four of Megan’s Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest. The theme was landscapes. It’s not my best, but I don’t take very many landscape shots, and since it’s rainy and dreary outside, I had to find an old picture to submit. This particular one was from a post back in August 2015: Fair Pictures.

So . . . what are you guys up to? I finished my school pretty quickly (yay me!), and now I’m just surfing the internet and mourning the loss of Doctor Who, which was taken off of Netflix today.



That’s right, Netflix removed New Who and Classic Who from streaming. WHY, NETFLIX, WHY? Whovians — I guess our #SaveDoctorWho campaign never took off. :/

My brother is going to GameStop so he can get a free Mew Pokemon. :)  I might tag along . . . who knows.



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