Writing Prompt #3: Save the World

Here’s my third writing prompt:

Save the World

If you write something inspired by my writing prompt, post it in the comments!

There’s no contact form in this post, because I’m already up to my ears in writing prompts (that sounded weird). I’ve got more than a dozen prompts waiting to be posted, most of which were sent in by my awesome readers. So until my draft area is cleared of prompts, and I’ve managed to get a few of my own in, I won’t be taking suggestion. Thanks for understanding!


Last night, my brother and I learned what parts we got in the musical my co-op is putting on this April. I got a very small speaking role, but at least my character is sassy! ;) I’m honestly not very surprised that I got a small role — I was the lead in the previous musical, so it makes sense that my teachers wouldn’t want a single person to get the main role more than once. But, luckily, one of my best friends got one of the lead roles, which is awesome!


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