Review: Animorphia

Review: #Animorphia by Kerby Rosanes

Hi! Izzy, one of my best friends, bought this Animorphia coloring book for me, and I decided to do a review of it. It’s $13.

#Animorphia #roosters

All the drawings are by an artist named Kerby Rosanes. They’re line drawings, but they have shading.


Here’s a page I colored! It’s not one of the actual coloring pages in the Animorphia book, but I colored it in anyway because it looked fun. :)




Yes, I know that my ruby-throated hummingbirds look like a cross between a robin and a woodpecker.


There are adorable little aliens throughout the entire book!


#Animorphia #deer

I’m currently working on the first drawing in the book, which I’m pretty sure is of two bucks with their antlers locked. I colored it with pens and Crayola markers.

#Animorphia #deer

#Animorphia #deer

#Animorphia #birds

The next few pictures are of a few of my favorite drawings in the Animorphia book.

#Animorphia #wolves


#Animorphia #owls


#Animorphia #octopus



The book is also a look and find! There are certain objects hidden throughout the drawings, and when you find them, you can color them in on the page above.

I absolutely love Animorphia! The drawings are complex and fun, and I can tell just by looking at them that they’ll each take awhile to complete. The paper is good, too; my Crayola markers don’t bleed through, which is always great. :)



21 thoughts on “Review: Animorphia

  1. Emma (Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls) says:

    I find it so funny that you’ve been coloring lately, because I’ve been coloring the past few days, too! What a funny coincidence! I love your coloring book, it looks so cool!:D


  2. Allison says:

    That book looks really neat! And the page with the two bucks is wonderfully colored. It looks great! I have a coloring book kind of like Animorphia that’s called The Secret Garden. It’s actually very similiar (a detailed line drawing coloring book, with hidden pictures), but instead of animals, it is mostly flowers, mandalas, and gardens, although there are animals in it too. I’ve colored about as much as you have in yours – and I’ve had it for nearly a year! The pages take a really long time to color because they’re so detailed.


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