Writing Prompt #5: My Phobia

Hey! I’ve got another writing prompt for you today. ;) It was submitted by the lovely Megan from A Barefoot Gal.

Writing Prompt

If you write something inspired by Megan’s writing prompt, post it in the comments!



27 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #5: My Phobia

  1. Clara says:

    That is a super cool prompt! :P I tried to write something with it….
    I move the rake through the yard, gathering the leaves into a huge pile. My hands start to burn, so I drop the rake and head inside to get some gloves.
    When I open the door, I see my brother Gavin laying on the couch. He’s staring at the ceiling, moaning. “I’m soooo boooored.” My mom sticks her head around the corner. “Then go help your sister rake leaves.”
    He scowls at me as we head out the door.
    I grab another pair of gloves, knowing Gavin will need some. We begin to rake again, and Gavin immediately whines that his hands hurt. I pick up the gloves I brought, then reach out and hand them to him. His eyes grow wide and he jumps back, slamming into a tree.
    I gape at him. “What was that?!?” He shakes his head, staring at the gloves in my hand with a weak smile. “Uh.. ” He starts to grin. “My phobia of gloves. You might want to drop those.” I glare at him, then glance down at the pair in my hand.
    I scream as I see a small green snake curled in the leather palm, staring up at me with beady black eyes. I throw the gloves halfway across the yard, and I see the snake slip away through the weeds.
    Gavin is bent over, shaking with laughter. I storm up to him. “Your phobia of GLOVES? I could have been killed!” He wipes a tear from his eye. “Nah. That snake was harmless.”
    I grab a huge armful of leaves and deposit them on his head.
    He grins again as he emerges from the pile. “Oh, it is SO on.”
    What do you think? :)

    -Clara <3

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  2. Misty says:

    “Here,” she suggested, handing him a pair of safety gloves. “You might want to wear these for the experiment. It’s going to get messy.”
    He stumbled back, his eyes wide, stammering, “Uh-h, I’m fine. You can keep the gloves, Cassie.” In the process, his hand flew back and knocked a bottle of oozing, green liquid onto the floor, splattering the girl’s shoes.
    Cassandra quickly removed them from her feet, and the two watched as the solution dissolved the footwear in seconds. Green steam spiraled up from the tile floor, quickly polluting the air, and the two high school students pulled their masks over their faces.
    “Well,” Cassandra murmured, waving at the gas. “What was that?”
    He rubbed at his arms, his face heating up behind his mask. “My phobia of gloves.”
    She groaned. “You’re kidding, right?”
    Cassandra released a long, deep sigh. Then her eyes lit up with alarm, and she pointed at his right hand. “Did you touch it?”
    A large, red burn was forming on the boy’s palm.
    He yelped, quickly burying his hand into his pocket, and Cassie shrieked, “You’re going to burn your pants off!”
    With that, she shoved him out of the room, and the two students stumbled into the empty hallway.

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  3. AnonymousA says:


    The master handed her the magic gloves. This was what he had been waiting for. She was ready. Finally. He handed her the gloves. She jumped back. Terror filled her bright green eyes. She knocked over the podium of magical balance. All went dark, until the master clapped his hands. “What was that?” he asks.
    “My phobia of gloves.”
    “I trained you for 10 years and now you’re scared of GLOVES?”

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