Writing Prompt #6: The Stage of Change

Hello, hello! It I — I!— the great nerdy blogger of Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes. I have returned to my comfortable corner of the internet, and I am ready to indulge myself in nerdy things.

Also: I’ve been working on a new story for my IEW class. I borrowed the plot from LOTR and am basing my story on that. I’m currently calling it “The Epically Dramatic Demise of a Middle School’s Textbooks, as Told by YOLO Swaggins and the Fellowship of the Bling.”
You can expect to see that featured on my blog as soon as it’s done.

Anyway, today I have another writing prompt for you! This one was submitted by the lovely K.A. @ Cuddly Critters Blog.

Writing Prompt #6

If you write something inspired by K.A.’s writing prompt, post it in the comments!


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35 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #6: The Stage of Change

  1. Misty says:

    “You need to come with me…your life is forever changed, and your sister’s may be too, so you’d better cooperate.”
    I snatched Lisa’s hand and pulled the trembling child into my lap, clasping her little hands tightly between my own. I met the man’s eyes again and raised my chin. “We don’t need your help. We’re perfectly fine the way we are, thank you very much.”
    “You don’t get to make a choice.”
    My heart began to pound. This man wasn’t planning on letting us go. What had I ever done to get myself into this?
    I slipped my arm around my sister’s waist and tightened my hold, tensing my legs. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the door was only a few feet away. I could make it if I sprinted.
    The man seemed to follow my train of thought. His gaze drifted to the door and a smile crept across his lips.
    “There’s no way out of this, my dear. That door is locked.”
    My heart sunk like a rock.
    There really was no way out. I was subjected to the life I was being offered, and I had no choice but to submit.
    * * * *
    This was fun! I could totally continue this. Loving these prompts, Loren!

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  2. buzzaboutag says:

    I woke up screaming. And honestly, that’s not the weirdest thing I’ve ever said. Suddenly,, I felt my feet carry me to my sister Carmen’s room. I popped my head in the room and found that she was fast asleep- it was only 3 o’clock in the morning. I shook her awake anyway. “Pack a bag,” I whispered. She rubbed her eyes with sleep. “We need to get out of here.”

    “Rylee!” Carmen toughen in my arm. Her hands were cold and clammy, and u wondered if she’s really been sleeping. “What’s going on?” She asked. Her voice quavered. “Just pack.” I instructed her. Five minutes later, we left the house, hand in hand, and watched it blow up behind us.

    Our parents left us when Carmen was only a baby. I was four. I took care of her. By myself, without any friends. I didn’t have any anyway. We lived in a little cottage on Nutmeg street, and an old lady had given us her house when she saw us. We’ll, we used to live there, before it blew up. I knew something was wrong. I’d felt unsafe since the moment I’d entered through the creaky little door. As my sister and I crept through the night, I felt a twinge of pride at getting us both out safely. A few minutes later I heard something crack. Carmen looked up at me apologetically. She’s just stepped on a stick. I shoved her out of the way as I heard someone-or something-coming.

    A boy, about my age, towered over me. “Someone is trying to hurt you,” he remarked. “No, really, kid? What are you doing at this time of night? How do you know me?”
    ” I don’t.” He retorted, then recoiled. “I’m helping you. I saw something blow up, was that your house?”
    Who is this kid, Captain Obvious?
    He continued, ” You need to come with me…your life is forever changed, and your sister’s might be too, so you’d better cooperate.” I reluctantly agreed and followed him through the trees of the forest that was as dark as my thoughts.
    Was that too long? Sorry, but when I started writing, I couldn’t stop! ;) Keep posting these writing prompts, I love them.

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  3. wizepuppy says:

    Oohhh that’s a good one! And Misty’s writing is good too! ME LOVES.
    Oh and I see what you did there on the sidebar. 😉 I guess my Weekly Gif/Image/Fan Art is getting popular! 😜
    ~ Suzy

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  4. Lily says:

    Her words pounded in my head, echoing again and again. I couldn’t go with her – I couldn’t – but I had to, for my sister. The mirage that she had constructed before us was nothing but that – a mirage. It was like a castle made of gold, shimmering in the air, but only once I was close, too close to escape, did it’s true nature show. I was trapped in a spiderweb of lies, deceits, and half-thruths so intricate that everywhere I stepped, I was caught. But I couldn’t have my sister suffer as much as I had. With tears choking my throat, I handed my sister over to her.
    “I’ll come back for you,” I said. “I promise.”.

    -Lily from https://oodlesandbundlesblog.wordpress.com/

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  5. Anika says:

    “You need to come with me…. your life is forever changed, and your sisters’ maybe too. So you’d better cooperate.” I looked at my sister, sleeping peacefully on her bed in the corner. I looked over at the tall man called Great Heart, standing in the doorway of our cabin. “There is nowhere to run. The Native Americans have invaded town, come with me now. And you’ll live.” “But, what about my parents?” I asked. “Peace, you and Hope need to come now. Your parents are…. dead. But they are now in Salvation with the King.” “By whom where they killed?” “The Natives. Now come!” I hustled over to the bed and picked up Hope. She lay there in my arms, sleeping so peacefully, smiling. “We came here from to Misery for peace, and freedom. Now, I see that was a mistake.” I whispered to myself as Great Heart led us through the doorway. We snuck out of the burning village that was called Misery and through the woods.

    After two days of walking, running, and hiding, we finally reached the great city called Salvation. Salvation was the city where the wise King Jehovah lived and reined over the people. The people who had come from different cities like Destruction, Lies, and Misery, where we had come from. In Salvation we would have new life. A better life. Father Valiant and Mother Mercy would be there too. Hope giggled in glee as we walked through the golden gates and received our pure white dresses. There we would live with the King for eternity.
    That felt really cool to write! I hope you liked it!


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  6. Lainey says:

    “You need to come with me…your life is forever changed, and your sister’s may be too, so you’d better cooperate.” My cousin, Erik, persisted.
    I turned away from his worried, tired, dirty face. Dark lines were under his eyes, though from lack of sleep or ash, I did not know.
    “Erik…I can not leave. I was born here. Father and Mama-” I began to shake in sobs and sank to my knees.
    Erik came to kneel by my side, drawing me close, and cradled me back and forth. His own tears mixed with my own as they fell to the floor.
    Father and Mama were killed. By the Nazis bombers. I couldn’t leave my home, where my memories of them resided. But, if I didn’t, my precious sister and I, could also be killed.
    “Bridget, you and Greta must come with me. To Sweden. We’ll find my Father, and everything will be alright.” He whispered hoarsely. “The Germans have bombed most of the town, and they’ll come back.”
    He lifted me chin, wiped my tears, and said seriously. “Go. Wake up, Greta. We leave now.”

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  7. Anika says:

    Thanks! I just started reading Pilgrim’s Progress for the second time (I LOVE that book!) and I got the names and the idea of God being The King of Salvation. If you go on my blog to the about me page, you will find a list of things I like. One thing was that someday I want to have daughters names Hope, Peace, Joy, and Mercy. :D


  8. AGLane says:

    I have a story!!!

    Millie sat up on her cot, and rubbed her tired eyes. “Do I have to get up?” She wondered. Millie slipped on her robe, and sleepily felt around for her stockings. Even though they were covered in holes, it was better than nothing. Millie let out a yawn and opened her eyes. She looked around the dusty, crowded bedroom of the orphanage that held 15 girls. The strange thing was, no one was there. Millie looked under her ragged blanket and let out a sigh of relief when little Greta was still there. Greta was Millie’s little sister who was four years old. Greta slept peacefully hugging her homemade bear that Millie made for her. Now Millie just had to find the other children. She slowly crept down the creaky stairs, expecting everyone to be sitting around the fire eating toast and oatmeal. But they weren’t. They fire wasn’t lit, the candles were burnt out. The door was barred closed and a glass of milk lay sideways on the table, spilled. Millie’s heart began to race. Her eyes grew wide. Everybody was gone. She heard window shutters slam shut and heavy footsteps making the floor creak. Millie raced upstairs and threw the blanket off her cot. Greta was gone. Millie stood there in horror, until she heard raspy breathing from behind her. She spun around to see a tall man wearing black pants, black boots, black jacket and black hat. And in his arms lay Greta. Greta looked at Millie and whimpered. She opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn’t. She was frozen in fear. “You need to come with me…your life is forever changed, and your sister’s may be too, so you’d better cooperate.” Said the man. “Or else.” He added in as he pulled a shiny gun out of his back pocket. Millie nodded and stepped forward. The man grabbed Millie by the wrist and pulled her down the stairs. He banged against the door and the chunks of wood that had been nailed over it crumbled to the ground. He brought Millie over to a stagecoach, and swung open the door and pushed her in. “Where is Greta?” Millie demanded. He cackled evilly. “Where is she!?!” Millie shouted again more forcefully. “Be quiet!” Shouted the man loudly. “You aren’t trying to h-help us, a-are you?” Millie said, her voice quivering. “Be quiet, fool!” He yelled again. Millie saw a fist coming closer and closer, until all went black.


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