Describe the Days of the Week as People Tag


Lily @ Uniquely Myself tagged me for the “Describe the Days of the Week as People” tag. When I was reading Lily’s answers, I thought the tag looked really cool, so I was pretty excited when I saw that she had tagged me! Thanks, Lily.

The rules:

Thank the person who tagged you.
Describe each day of the week as if it was a person.
Tag as many people as you like.
Have fun!

Here we go . . .

Monday: Monday is a teen girl who’s always trying to make a good impression. She spends a lot of time in the morning picking out her clothes, doing her hair, etc., so she’s often late to school. She hates getting up in the morning, but once she’s up, Monday is very awake. Despite her best efforts, she tends to complain often.

Tuesday: Tuesday is a relaxed young boy. He loves playing outside and is really messy. He’s very aware of his friend’s needs, and always finds ways to cheer them up. Tuesday wants to be a soldier when he grows up. He collects Nerf guns, and always suggests a Nerf battle when his friends are over.

Wednesday: Wednesday is an old man with a scruffy gray beard and watery blue eyes. He used to be a sailor. He tells elaborate stories about his days out at sea. Wednesday can often be found playing sad tunes on his guitar by the dock. He appears gruff and cold, but under his tough outer layer, Wednesday is a sweet man who enjoys the company of children.

Thursday: Thursday is a quiet girl who’s always daydreaming about the future. She tends to zone out, which gets her in trouble with teachers. She often doodles flowers, leaves, and bugs in the margins of her notebooks. Thursday lives in the woods and likes reading by the brook.

Friday: Friday is an athletic boy in high school. He’s very laid back and likes making people smile. When he’s not participating in sports, Friday can be found helping out at the nearest retirement home, reading books to the elderly. He’s the oldest child in his enormous family, and enjoys playing with his younger siblings. Although he’s one of the most popular people at school, he often feels left out when he’s at home.

Saturday: Saturday is a fun-loving mom who laughs a lot. She constantly takes her children out of school to drag them along on crazy adventures. Her house is covered in souvenirs from her trips around the globe. Saturday is always cooking weird meals from other countries. She gives each of her children a brand new journal before they go on trips — travel journals, she says, to document their experiences. Saturday has an entire bookshelf dedicated to her own numerous travel journals.

Sunday: Sunday is a proper old woman with carefully groomed white hair. She spends her days organizing book clubs, charities, and fundraisers. Sunday enjoys chatting with her old lady friends at the park, and watching cooking shows. She has a sweet granddaughter who always brings Sunday bouquets of pansies, daisies, or buttercups. Sunday presses the flowers and uses them to decorate her scrapbooks.

I tag . . .

Anyone that’s a writer! If you enjoy writing and think this tag looks fun, please do it!




30 thoughts on “Describe the Days of the Week as People Tag

  1. Lulu says:

    So funny that you should post this, because very recently I did this! Even tho I don’t have a blog, this is what I imagine the days of the week:

    Monday: blue streaks through short black hair. black cats eyes glasses. Usually very stressed out, can’t cope without coffee. Never wears any but blue jeans. :)

    Tuesday: always impeccably dressed, with slicked back hair. Perfect gentleman, but Monday calls him a dork but she secretly has a crush on him.

    Wednesday: sporty girl, with long blonde ponytail- usually in her spare time, you can find her jogging with her beloved dog. ( some criticize her for putting the dog before her friends!)

    Thursday: very shy, with brown hair. She is, shall we say, vertically challenged. ;) Tuesday follows her everywhere, but she doesn’t want the attention. In her spare time, she reads.

    Friday: Friday is a couch potato! Always cracking jokes, he likes to tease Tuesday. In his free time, he watches tv.

    Saturday: girly-girl, but always up for adventure. Many come to her for advice or a pep talk.

    Sunday: Sunday is very serious, and would prefer if everyone just left him alone- however, he secretly wants to be a skydiver.


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