Adorable Clay Jewelry from MiniJon

  Hey. The name’s Flynn Rider. How’s your day going?

*cough*Disney nerd*cough*

Flynn Rider’s smolder aside, I wanted to introduce you to a really cute Etsy shop called MiniJon (A fellow blogger told me about it — I think it was Allison).


MiniJon sells the cutest clay food jewelry, one of my favorites being this amazing pancake necklace.

Frappuccino Necklace *Limited Edition* - Miniature Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food. Starbucks. Fake Food Jewelry.


There’s seriously a mini frappuccino. Look, there’s even a tiny label and a little straw and stuff! *whispers* I don’t even like frappuccinos.

Banana Charm - Miniature Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food. Exotic Fruit. Miniature Banana. Banana Fruit Jewelry.



Peanut Butter and Jelly Charm - Miniature Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food. Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich. Fake Food Jewelry.


Peanut butter and je-e-e-lly . . .


Ooh . . . ombre cake . . .

MiniJon has lots of other super cute food jewelry, including hot dogs, avocados, and more!

Just go check it out. Seriously. You won’t regret it.



3 thoughts on “Adorable Clay Jewelry from MiniJon

  1. Ms. AGdoll says:

    Wow, I say “hi, the name’s Flynn Rider” all the time! XD :mrgreen:
    And that food looks really real! The “butter” on the pancake is shaped into tiny hearts! I’ll definitely look at the shop. :)

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


  2. Danielle says:

    Oh! These are so cute! I love to play with clay, but I’m definitely not that cute! I will definitely check the shop out.


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