Happy Easter + What I Did Yesterday


Hello, and happy Easter!

I’m not doing a special post for Easter, really. All you get is a cute Pusheen GIF. Why am I doing this post, then? Because I want to tell you a thing.

Yesterday, I spent ALL DAY at my church. I was there from 10:00 a.m. to 8:20 p.m. My church wanted to do something special for Easter this year, so they hosted an event called Road to Resurrection. Groups would go through the decorated church, trailing after a tour guide, and “follow Jesus’s footsteps through his last days in Jerusalem” or something like that. My mom signed up to help, and she ran Destination One, which was supposed to take place outside the east gate of Jerusalem. She actually built a really cool gate out of cardboard — keystone, ramparts, and all. And she painted a Roman soldier and a donkey onto cardboard. The donkey was so well done, some people thought it was real!

 I helped my mom run Destination One. We dressed up in tunics made of bed sheets (so stylish, I know XD) and tied scarves around our heads. We welcomed the “travelers” and told them about Jesus riding through the gate on a donkey, and about different names for Jesus, like Kyrios, Rabboni, Agnus Dei, etc. My mom would say to the groups, “They’re different names for the same person.” Then she’d turn to me. “I’ve heard some travelers talk about them. Loren, do you remember what it’s called?”

“Nick-i-names?” I’d suggested. The groups would almost always correct us, saying that it was “nicknames,” not nick-i-names.

Then my mom would pump up the crowd, get them to wave some paper palms, shout “Hosanna,” etc.

My older brother was there, too. (On this blog, he’s known as Sir Toilet Drinker.) He dressed up as a Roman soldier and guarded a “prisoner” in the basement of the church.

After, like, five hours of doing Destination One, we finished! *celebrates* We cleaned up the church, and then a guy from Pizza Hut came and dropped off at least ten pizzas, probably more. Pizza was the highlight of my day. Well, I got two scoops of ice cream for lunch, which was pretty good, too. ;)

Yeah. That’s what I did yesterday. What a way to spend a Saturday!


Happy Easter!



17 thoughts on “Happy Easter + What I Did Yesterday

  1. ouragdollhouse says:


    Haha, pizza makes everything awesome. It’s really cool what you guys did at your church.
    (LOL, I love dressing up in bedsheet togas! For Halloween we did the Heroes of Olympus, and my sister was Octavian. She wore a bedsheet toga and carried around a stuffed animal and it was so funny! :P )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rutvi says:

    Wow, that sounds….interesting. Parts of it sound fun actually, but oh my, 5 hours?! I can never sit still for long and this would have been no exception! XD those GIFs are so cute.


  3. K.A. says:

    Hehe! :) That sounds so fun!!! :) That’s an adorable weekly funny image btw! XD :o :) I love your new design too!!! :D :D You were probably tired after yesterday then! ;)


  4. American Girl Doll Artist says:

    Sounds like a fun (and long) day! Happy Easter to you too! I love Pusheen. :)
    I do something kinda like that, only it’s for Christmas and we “act out” the story of Bethlehem along with others from our homeschool group. Last year I was at the market place. :) I looked fat in my costume because I had tons of layers (plus my big winter coat) on underneath. It was at night, and it was cold!


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