Preparing for April Fools’ Day

April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day is tomorrow . . . *evil grin*

Tomorrow is also Friday.

Tomorrow is also when my homeschool co-op meets. The kids at my co-op are gonna get it.

I was watching Life of Pi with my family a few days ago (I CAN’T FIGURE OUT THE ENDING, HELP), and when it was over, I ran upstairs to Google the ending (SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE SEND HELP). My brother followed me up the stairs, and then he glanced at the date on the computer . . . He immediately began counting on his fingers (such brilliance XD). Then he shouted, “Friday is April Fools’ Day!”

We started freaking out, because we were sure that there would be a bunch of pranksters at co-op. But then we remember that WE could be the pranksters. :D

Here’s a list of what I’m going to do on April Fools’ Day:

  • Walk up to someone and say, “Your shoe’s untied,” even if it isn’t.
  • Take a photo of myself and wear the same clothes I’m wearing in the pic. Walk up to someone, point at the picture, and ask, “Have you seen this person?”
  • Throw a small plastic ball at someone and shout, “Get into your ball, you stupid Pokemon!”
  • Write on a paper cup, “Do not open unless you plan to kill it.” Put nothing in the cup. Leave upside down on a table. If a person lifts the cup, they’ll see nothing, and think that it got out.
  • Take an Oreo, twist off the top, and scoop out the cream. Replace cream with white toothpaste or mayonnaise. Serve to unsuspecting friend on a silver platter.

And that it what the kids in my class will have to deal with.

Want to see more awesome pranks? I’ve created a Pranks board on Pinterest:



25 thoughts on “Preparing for April Fools’ Day

  1. Sarah says:

    The oreo one sounds funny, I’ve seen that one on pinterest. Could you start the writing camp again? I really want to join this time around.


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