Writing Prompt #7: Remember Her Eyes

Hello! I’m here today with another writing prompt. This one was submitted by Our American Girl Dollhouse/The Girl Upstairs.

But first . . . In my last post, I said I was going to prank someone in my co-op by giving them an Oreo, but substituting the cream with toothpaste/mayonnaise. So my best friends helped me put mayonnaise in the Oreos, and I brought them to Logic class. I took them out of my backpack and was getting ready to prank some when a guy came over, said, “Ooh, Oreos!” and took one. He bit into it, and one of my best friends and I waited for him to taste the mayonnaise.


He actually LIKED the Oreos, and he proceeded to eat all of them. Thanks a lot for ruining that prank.

Anyway, here’s the writing prompt:

Remember Her Eyes

 If you write something inspired by Our American Girl Dollhouse’s writing prompt, post it in the comments!



32 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #7: Remember Her Eyes

  1. Anika says:

    A knock sounded at the door.
    I answered it.
    “Is your Mother home?”
    I nodded at the gruff man in front of me.
    The man pushed his way past me and into the living room.
    Mother was sitting in her rocking chair, mending the dress I had torn the day before.
    I replayed in my head what Mother had said that night I had come in, soaking wet with a rip in my dress.
    “You must learn, Tasha! Even if some foolish boy dares you to jump in the lake, you mustn’t listen and ignore him!”
    “But, Mother!” And I had flew up to my room in rage.
    Now, yesterday was gone and a man was here, and I knew why.
    “I’ve come for your daughter.” The man approached Mother.
    “Why… Oh! Mr. Saris!” And Mother flew out of her chair, blushing at being so unprepared for company.
    “I told you, Tasha isn’t for sale.”
    “Everything, everyone, has a price.” Mr. Saris answered.
    “But, my daughter does not!” Mother raised her voice.
    Mr. Saris grabbed me. “Now she does.” And he pulled out a knife, holding it close to my throat.
    Tears started flowing down Mother’s cheeks, for if we where both to live she knew what must be done.
    “Okay.” Mother said in almost a whisper.
    Mr. Saris let me down and I rushed to Mother.
    We held each other close until Mr. Saris said it was time to go.
    I looked up Mother, then I stroked her tear stained cheek.
    Her eyes met mine and I tried my hardest to remember them, because I knew after that day I would never see her again.
    But Mr. Saris got impatient and tore me away from Mother.
    I started screaming as Mr. Saris rushed out of the house holding me, leaving Mother weeping on the floor.

    That was so dramatic for me! I might continue it!

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  2. Lily says:

    That’s hilarious! Oh well, it was a good idea.
    I did a prank too – the one about being commanded by a pencil case. I pranked my arch-nemesis from school, only he actually didn’t figure out that it was me until I told him. He then proceeded to pretend to shoot me. I flopped down on my desk and pretended to die.
    Just saying. ;)


  3. Chaespeedreader says:

    MUHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAH! Someone at my drama did this but with red toothpaste (it was a special type of oreo) and he got basically everyone pranked! (Except for me……. my best friend warned me………..) O.o.o.o.o.O

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  4. maddie says:

    I couldn’t take it. I wanted to cry. I had to go away. I had lived with my mother my whole life, and now I was off to England with my father. I had videochated with my dad in England, but never had I seen him in real life in my whole entire lifetime. And I’m 12.
    “Anna” My mom cried, sad about me leaving. “It’s time.”
    “Ill miss you mom.”
    “You too she repiled”. I had to step on the plane.
    I stroked her tear-stained cheek. Her eyes met mine and I tried my hardest to remeber them, because I knew after today I would never see her again.
    “Goodbye”. I whispered. “I love you”.
    The prompt was sad, causing me to write a sad story. It was pretty short too. :)

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  5. Josie says:

    My best friend was to leave. I knew it was for a good cause, but the I couldn’t fathom the thought of not having her knock on my door every morning, her not spending days in my bedroom so we could be together. But I knew it was right. So why couldn’t I let go?
    It was selfish of me, for sure.
    I stroked her tear-stained cheek. Her eyes met mine and I tried my hardest to remember them, because I knew after today I would never see her again.

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  6. wizepuppy says:

    With one last slow, sorrowful look around the room, I grabbed my dirty, beat-up backpack and turned away. I slowly started to walk away when I felt a hand on my arm turn me around.
    “Jake. Please don’t go,” she whispered, her voice catching slightly.
    I smiled a very sad smile at her. This was always the hardest part. Saying goodbye. I had never liked it, but I had to do it.
    Turning to face her, I reached for her hand and held on to it. Tightly. Like I never wanted to let it go. Which I didn’t.
    “Oh, Dee,” I had to bow my head for saying her so familiar nickname had caused the tears to start swelling in my eyes. I looked up, and she was in the same state.
    I stroked her tear-stained cheek, just as soft as I always had remembered. Her eyes met mine, and I tried to remember them, for I knew after today, I would never see them again. They were such a brilliant blue, with a few speckles of green. Like a calm sea on the edge of a beach. They usually were filled with laughter, but now the look they gave broke my heart in two.
    “You know I have to. You know I don’t have a choice.”
    I pulled her close to me, hugging her tightly. What would’ve seemed like an eternity to anyone else only felt like a second to me. But I had to eventually pull away.
    “I’ll never forget you, Jake.” She squeezed my hand and slowly slipped hers out.
    I only nodded, too filled with emotion to speak. And with one last look at her face, I painfully trudged down the small dirt road to my new destination.
    I never looked back, for I knew that if I did, my heart would’ve fallen and never been able to get back up.
    That was a great prompt! So sad though. 😢 Anyways, this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy! :)
    ~ Suzy
    Also, yay for first time writing from a guy’s POV! 😂

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  7. K.A. says:

    Wow! :) That’s so funny! XD :) That he liked them! :P :) You’re weekly GIF is funny too! XD hehe! :P :) That’s the FUN way to wash a spoon! XD Hehe! :P
    Ah! That’s terrible! And very good. the prompt is.. :o

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