BIBPC: Mama Turtle

The second category of Megan’s BIBPC #2 was critters. I could not find anything critter-like for the life of me — no frogs or lizards and bugs or anything, really. I’d begun to think that I’d just have to skip the second category when I remember this picture:


Last summer, there was a turtle in our neighbor’s yard. She had dug a hole in the ground and was laying her eggs. Naturally, I got my camera and took pictures of her (I know, we photographers give people turtles no privacy). I don’t know where this mama turtle’s babies got to after they hatched, but I sure hope they found a nice pond to live by. ;)


11 thoughts on “BIBPC: Mama Turtle

  1. K.A. says:

    WoooWWW! That’s SO cool!!!! :) :D :D :D I’d LOVE (and I mean L-O-V-E L.O.V.E) to see something like that!!!!!!!!!! GREAT GREAT Pic!!!!! :D


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