BIBPC: Foooood


I was panicking today, because I didn’t have a photo to enter in BIBPC. I couldn’t think of anything to photograph. Literally everything has texture, so I was thinking about taking a picture of a random thing. XD But then I thought of food! Food is interesting, right? I picked Ramen noodles, because they’ve got a pretty cool texture.

I’m still panicking, actually, because this is late. I was supposed to have posted this by 5:00 . . . and it’s almost 6:00. :'( I’m really sorry, Megan! I was still doing school. I understand if this doesn’t count.


28 thoughts on “BIBPC: Foooood

  1. K.A. says:

    I haven’t done mine yet either!!! AAAAA! And I need to upload it onto the computer….and I have too many pictures ON my camera to do that. :( :'( AAA! :( >:( :'( Saad. But that was a great picture!! I had a REALLY cool one that I was going to enter. :/ :)


  2. Allison says:

    That IS a neat texture! I was panicking when you said we were supposed to enter them by the 26th, because when I asked Megan, she said the 27th. O.o But Megan said she added sort of a bonus day because she thought it was the 27th. XD :D


  3. AnonymousA says:

    I was late, because well… I was in mourning because my pet had died, it was raining, and I forgot in all the rush and just…. -sighs-

    Have you seen The Peanuts Movie?


      • maddie says:

        Yes. It’s an awesome movie you should consider watching it.
        Ramen Noodles have an awesome texture. I’m weird, so naturally, I once ate a whole entire pack. dry. No flavor, nothing. And the weird thing, it tasted good.


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