Writing Q&A With AnonymousA — Ask Questions Now!

Writing Q&A poster

Taken from AA’s blog and slightly modified . . .

AnonymousA and I are doing a Q&A post swap! We need you guys to comment your questions about writing on my blog or AA’s. When we feel like we have enough, we’ll each do a guest post on the other’s blog.
You can ask questions about our specific writings or just questions about writing in general. You can ask about writing camps, prompts, NaNo, anything. We’re excited to share our thoughts and tips with you!
Get commenting!

18 thoughts on “Writing Q&A With AnonymousA — Ask Questions Now!

  1. Anika says:


    When did you start blogging/writing?
    Do you like to write stories, or poems better?

    I will post more questions if I can think of more! :)


  2. Megan says:

    Do you write poetry/songs in your books?
    How many books do you have that are unfinished?
    Do you enjoy writing Fantasy or just fiction life better?


  3. Emily says:

    I hope I’m not repeating anything already!
    How long have you been writing?
    Why did you start your blog in the first place, and when?
    Where do you come up with plot ideas?


  4. Zielle says:

    Have you published a book?
    Where do you get your ideas?
    How often do you write?
    Do you come up with your title after you write the story, or before?
    What POV do you usually write in?


  5. C. says:

    Have you ever written a story in the enemies or best friend’s POV?
    Do you think you’ll do NaNoWriMo when you grow up?
    What advice do you have for new NaNoers?

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  6. K.A. says:

    Do you like to write in present or past writing, or both better?
    When did you first start writing, that you can remember? Like your first story?
    What was the name of your first story?
    Do you ever write stories with just animals.. Like from an animals POV?
    When do you hope to publish your first book?


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