CWWC 2016: Challenge #4

I got entries from . . .

NarniaAslan image source

Points: 58

DragonsMystery Class logo source

Points: 54

KeepersBlack Swan logo source

Points: 47

Half-BloodTrident image source

Points: 44

Team Narnia has the most points this round!

Just a FIY to Team Dragon: you lost one of your team members, so I will now be giving you three extra points for every challenge, because you have less members than other teams. :)

Oh, yeah — and there are a few people that haven’t submitted stories for any of the challenges (Samantha [Redhead With a Book], Daisymermaid, Nicole [A Girl Meets World], and Sarah [Capturing Fireflies]). Guys, try to participate — your teams need you! And, after all, you did sign up.

Challenge #4 prompts:







For extra points, you can use prompts from previous CWWC 2016 challenges. Like, if you used the picture from Challenge #1 of the girl lying on the ground (or any previous prompt) in this story or one in the future, you would get an extra point for each one. The catch here is that with more prompts, it’s harder to craft a story that makes sense.

Write a story (or poem) inspired by the prompts. I’ll give you two points just for turning in a story, and one point for every prompt you weave into it.

Your stories are due by midnight on May 13th.

Once you’ve finished your story, either comment on this post with a link or email it to me at

At the beginning of your CWWC post, please make sure to say which prompts you used. This makes it so much easier to tally up the points.

Get writing! :D



87 thoughts on “CWWC 2016: Challenge #4

  1. AnonymousA says:

    Sorry. I failed. Good job, AA. Yeah. You stink. -tries to glare at self- -realizes that that isn’t working- -grabs mirror- -glares at self- yeah. And these were great prompts. Now I am no longer allowed into the realm of…. (Uh…)

    I shall post it anyways?


  2. Daisymermaid says:

    AHHHHHHHH!! I COMPLETELY forgot! I am so, so sorry. But I will DEFINITELY be here for the next. I PROMISE. *looks for a determined emoji* *fails to find one*


  3. Daisymermaid says:

    Lily, I am SO SORRY for yelling. I didn’t think to check here until after I pushed the “post comment” button. Please forgive me. Please.


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