Writing Prompt #9: Countdown


 If you write something inspired by my writing prompt, post it in the comments!



13 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #9: Countdown

  1. Rutvi says:

    Five seconds left on the countdown. In a matter of seconds, my life would either be changed or be over. “What is your choice, Erica?” Connor shouted. It was literally now or never. Five seconds until…well…disaster.

    Five… Four… Three…two…one.

    ” I choose the Whisperers.”

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  2. Maddie says:

    Its tomorrow, and here is my story:
    Ellie and Lona were just normal little girls. until May 16th 2016.
    A new girl had came to Morville Middle School. Her name was Ruthie Meyers. Ellie’s best friend, Lona, had seen a little cupcake in Ruthie’s hand.
    She knew that if Morville Middle School was a normal school, They would NOT allow any of the students to have a cupcake with a flaming candle. Maybe, she (Lona) thought
    Morville Middle was not just a normal school. Or maybe, Ruthie Meyers was not a normal little girl.
    Lona told Ellie about what she had saw when they finally got to free period, which they had with Ruthie. In fact, they had all their blocks with Ruthie.
    Ruthie still had the cupcake. From the corner of her eye, Ellie saw Ruthie run over to the woods next to the school. “Lona, C’mon!” Ellie yelled. They saw
    Ruthie behind a tree. With her little cupcake still in her hand. “Finally,” “The clock is at 30 seconds, and in 30 seconds, will be my time!” Ruthie thought out loud. “It a
    bomb!” Ellie and Lona whispered in unison. Ruthie sharply turned her head towards Ellie and Lona. Ellie wanted to cry. Lona, was brave. She stood up. Then, it became a war.
    Five seconds left on the countdown. Five seconds until… well… disaster.
    Five… Four… Three… Two… One…


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