Writing Prompt #10: Dragon Veterinarian

Dragon Veterinarion.png

 If you write something inspired by my writing prompt, post it in the comments!



16 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #10: Dragon Veterinarian

  1. AnonymousA says:

    Be a veterinarian for dragons, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Pfft. That was the dumbest thing I’ve heard. Well, at the time, I thought it sounded cool…
    But after being sneezed on, burned to the bone, and stepped on, a person must consider retirement.
    That is why I am writing this letter. I quit.
    Lana McAllanya

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  2. wizepuppy says:

    I lay back on the lawn chair, my head back, my eyes closed.
    Just one moment of rest. That’s all I want.
    But unfortunately, my patient wouldn’t let me.
    “Yo, docta! Get back over hea! This slice in mah side ain’t gonna sew itself.”
    And he was right. I had to finish the operation or the incision could get infected, and that would be a veterinarian’s worst nightmare.
    I chuckled quietly to myself. I was already living it.
    Be dragon veterinarian they said. It’ll be fun they said.
    At that memory I scoffed out loud. The dragon I as operating on turned his head and looked me in the eye.
    “Uhh, you okay boss?”
    I looked back at him with a sternful gaze and through gritted teeth said, “Yes. I am. Now shut up and let me finish my job.”
    He shrugged and turned away. Or what a dragon could give that looked like a shrug.
    I grabbed my lab coat, all covered and caked with dry, crusted blue dragon blood. Even though it was pretty much ruined, I put it on and buttoned it up anyway. Dragon blood will get everywhere, if you don’t wear one.
    Trust me, I’ve had experience.
    At that memory, I almost shuddered.
    But I couldn’t, for I was trying to sew up this incesion. Not that it was easy in the first place, using a foot long needle and sewing up dragon scales on a six foot high body.
    After an hour of laborious (and sweaty) work, I finally managed to get it done. I cleaned it off and covered it with a bandage.
    How did I do that, you may ask?
    By crouching low underneath the dragon’s belly, and then tossing the bandage roll over the top to the other side.
    I can see that smile of yours. Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.
    “Alright,” I said after my patient was sent away, “bring in the next one.”
    And thus is my day, everyday for the next ten years.
    It was pretty choppy, but I plan on adding to it and editing it sometime to make it better.
    The prompt really gave me some inspiration. I’m one who makes weird stories like this, so thanks, Loren! 😋
    ~ Suzy

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