I Dream of TARDISes


I dream of TARDISes

Bow ties, Time Lords, really good hair

I dream of traveling the stars

All of space and time

But hidden in the corners of the galaxies

There are terrible, strange, beautiful things




What’s on the bed?

In the corner of your eye?

Memories that have been forgotten

Don’t open the door

Rose Tyler, Bad Wolf

Martha Jones, the Girl Who Walked the Earth

Donna Noble, the Most Important Woman

Amelia Pond, the Girl Who Waited

Clara Oswald, the Impossible Girl

I dream of TARDISes

Bow ties, Time Lords, really good hair

I dream of traveling the stars

All of space and time


Basically, this is me being sad about Doctor Who leaving Netflix (cause how else am I supposed to watch BBC? I don’t live in the UK, you know!).

And I know the poem sucked.

I am a writer of novels, not a writer of poetry.

I’ll stay away from poetry from now on. I’m just not good at turning feelings into eloquent words, which I suppose is what poetry is about.

Goodbye, and may we never speak of this poem again.


*whispers* Allons-y. *voices in head* GERONIMO! (Please help me, I may be going crazy. Also, there’s a fly in my room. :/ )


17 thoughts on “I Dream of TARDISes

  1. thegirlofmanyfictionalnames says:

    The poem was great!! I love this post! My family and I check out the seasons from our library now, so we’re all caught up (except “The Time of the Doctor”, because someone decided to keep it :( >:( ) WHOVIANS RULE!!! :D XD


  2. belegteleri says:

    Loved it! My brothers and I have been watching Doctor Who on Putlocker, but if you’re going to do that, make sure you get Adblock. There’s some pretty gnarly stuff there.


  3. wizepuppy says:

    Don’t worry. I too have suffered the pain of a favorite show leaving Netflix. *sniff*
    ~ Suzy
    BTW, I thought the poem was great. Definitely better than my own failures…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Josie says:

    That was awesome! I just started watching Doctor Who, and I really like it.
    (P.S. If you get an Amazon Prime trial, it’s on there now.)


  5. AnonymousA says:

    I’ll write you a poem:

    Loren dreams of British accents…
    watching, without paying a cent.
    The Doctor, he has left her now-
    Her heart broken, she make a vow:
    I will write some poetry
    but poetry, it’s just not me.
    I will write a poem that is bad,
    just because I am so sad.


    • Loren says:

      Ooh, OK. How about you make an account, and if it forces you to start a blog, just go with. Then you can delete the blog, but keep the account. :)


      • AnonymousA says:

        Ok, thanks! I’m just trying to check WordPress out- my parents and I think it’d be for the best to swap, but…. so I thought just an account would be good.


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