Fandom Earrings From Hot Topic

I ordered some stuff from Hot Topic during their recent sale, and they arrived yesterday! I’m excited to show you what I bought.

Hot Topic Legend of Zelda Navi Earrings

Navi earrings from the Legend of Zelda! They’re super cute, but pretty big. The wings, I mean. They’re rather long.

My only compliant is that they didn’t come with backings. There was a clear, squishy backing that held it onto the paper, but there was no metal backings to keep them on your ears. I’m guessing that the squishy clear stuff was supposed to be the backing, but I didn’t want to risk it, so I used earring backings from another pair to keep them on. ;)

Legend of Zelda Link and Navi fan art


In case anyone doesn’t know who Navi is (in that case, bless you), she is THIS (^^^^^) annoying fairy. She constantly shouts “HEY! Listen!” at you.

                                                                            Hot Topic Doctor Who Earring Set

I also bought a set of six Doctor Who earrings. :D

Hot Topic Doctor Who Weeping Angel Earrings

Weeping Angel wings . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who Bow Tie Earrings

The Eleventh Doctor’s bow tie . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who Union Jack Heart Earrings

Hearts with the Union Jack on them . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who "Don't Blink" Earrings

Silver circles with “Don’t blink” written on them . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who TARDIS Earrings

“Police Public Call Box” is written on the top in teeny tiny letters. ♥

Silver TARDISes . . .

 Hot Topic Doctor Who TARDIS-Blue Earrings

And TARDIS-blue crystals.

Sure, the blue crystals, angel wings, Union Jacks, and bow ties might look like normal earrings to non-Whovians, but I’m sure that fans of Doctor Who will get the references. I’m a big Doctor Who fan, and I’m really happy to own more fandom merch.

Not to mention, I’m waiting for another fandom-related order to arrive! I bought this last thing from Amazon, and it should come tomorrow. I’m REALLY excited for it to come. :D



12 thoughts on “Fandom Earrings From Hot Topic

  1. izzy (blurryface) fuentes says:

    OMG WE HAVE THE SAME NAVI EARRINGS. i legit live in hot topic, sometime soon you need to go into the band merch section (located in the back of the store) and see where i live. XD (also buy yourself some band merch because it is an important part of every girl’s wardrobe….. especially mine.)


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