Highlight Reel From Loren’s Life, June 17

The title makes it sound like my life is some kind of thing on TV.

And, yeah, my life is cool enough to have “highlight reels.”


This lil’ turd is residing in the bathroom, because apparently someone in my family has a problem with over-aggressive brushing (hope it’s not me). He looks so derpy. XD And in the last info bubble it says, “Do not ‘grip’ the brush or apply strong pressure.”

Yeah, OK. I’ll levitate the brush and let it sweep over my teeth with the nonexistent pressure of a sugarplum fairy. Gee, my teeth will be really clean after that.


When my mom was out shopping, I decided to rock out to some Disney songs on Youtube. I probably listened to every song from The Lion King and Hercules several times. :P Three of my favorite Disney songs are I Won’t Say I’m Love from Hercules, I Just Can’t Wait to be King from The Lion King, and I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan (one of the greatest Disney movies ever).

I was watching Mulan with my older brother one time, and after they sang the epic line, “Mysterious as the dark side of the moon,” he blurted out, “But can they paint with all the colors of the wind?”

It was perfect timing.


I was playing soccer this evening when I felt something moving beneath my foot. I jumped away and this FROG leaped out from under me.

But, uh, I had stepped on him. And his guts were squirting out of his side.

It was a gross sight, and of course that little guy was going to die. I cried for a couple minutes, despite the fact that I pretend to have no emotions.

But I did come up with this, which might be part of a backstory for a villain in one of my books:

Something small smacked into his cheek as he ran through the twilight. Unsure of what had hit him, he paused, peering into the trimmed grass around him. Perched on the end of a blade of grass was a large firefly, blinking an SOS. When the boy looked closer, he saw that it’s body was bent in an unnatural position. It must have hurt itself when it flew into his cheek.

Wanting to comfort it, he plucked it off the grass and held it between two fingers. “It’s OK, lil’ guy . . .,” he murmured as it squirmed. Not wanting the insect to fly away, he squeezed tighter — and with a nasty squish, the lighting bug was spread out over his thumb and pointer finger. He wrinkled his nose at the guts before wiping his hand on his shorts.

He hardly wanted to admit it, but he had just ended a life. And he had a terrible feeling that it was only the first of many.


Later, my brother kicked the soccer ball up into a tree right beside one of our chicken coops . It was bouncing through the branches, and finally come out just outside the coop. But then it BOUNCED over the fence and landed inside.

My brother went to retrieve the ball, and went about it in a very interesting way. He climbed the wooden fence (covered with chicken wire), sat on the top, and picked the ball up with his feet. He called me over, shouting, “Loren, come get this!”

As I realized after I helped him, he had wanted me to reach over the fence and grab the soccer ball from between his feet. Instead, I GRABBED HIS SHOULDERS AND FLIPPED HIM OVER THE FENCE. He fell backwards and the flipped again before landing on the ground (on his knees, he adds). He was kind of angry (“You could have killed me! You almost broke my neck!”), but he was also laughing pretty hard — because, let’s face it, it was pretty awesome. He’s excited to have a cool story to tell his friends.

In the end, I rescued the soccer ball from the clutches of the chicken coop. I just climbed over the fence, threw the ball over, and climbed back out. Simple, right? Why on Earth couldn’t my brother have thought of that?

Anyway, that’s what I did today! It was nice to write a rather random post. Would you guys like more posts like this?



10 thoughts on “Highlight Reel From Loren’s Life, June 17

  1. Catlover02 says:

    Yesssss! This post was so funny. I’ve had toads jump over my feet once. And yesterday one of my brothers shot a suction cup nerf dart at the skylight and it got stuck there, so two of my brothers and I were all shooting at the skylight trying to get the one down. :) It was quite the hazard, with nerf darts falling from the ceiling. :P


  2. K.A. says:

    :P xD Haha!!!! :) XD I would love to see more posts like this!!! xD :P Hehe! The poor froggie!!!!! :'( But….yeah.
    xD That’s hilarious about your brother!! :P :) I probably would have done the same thing to my sister…actually, she would have done it to me…no, because she would have probably gotten in trouble… XD :P If I ever did that to someone, they would most likely get me back!!!! :P Hehe!!! xD :) Oh, and was that the same brother that was arguing with your mom when you were writing the story with Sherlock?! xD :P Haha!! :) :P Let’s see….what’s about the meanest thing I’ve done to..oh..well, once I tackled my friend!! :D :/ He said that I couldn’t..and so I did! xD Even though I felt bad afterwards. :/ ;)
    Oh, and on your weekly GIF, are you just kidding about what it says…or not? xD :P :) Hehe!!! XD Do you and your family joke around often? Do you have a lot of siblings?


  3. Allison says:

    Yes, more random posts like this would be fun! :D Aww, the poor froggie. :( That’s so sad. :'( Ha ha! That thing about flipping your brother over the fence was funny. XD


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