Writing Prompt #11: An Apple Tree?

Wow — we’re on the 11th writing prompt already! I’ve got loads more in the works. :)

An Apple Tree.png

 If you write something inspired by Ms. AGdoll’s writing prompt, post it in the comments!

If I was going to continue this story (and who knows, maybe I will), I’d probably make it that they live in a world where the only food is kept by the government. So finding an apple tree would be a big deal.



4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #11: An Apple Tree?

  1. K.A. says:

    She wandered aimlessly through the woods, trying to find her lost monkey, Parrot. Everyone always gave Ashley a hard time for naming her monkey Parrot, but she thought it fit him. They both liked trees right!? She walked another mile and then sank to the bottom of a giant monstrous tree. Those were the only kind that grew around here now. She glanced over to her left and saw her brother leaning against another tree. Wait a second…she thought. There was Parrot! in the tree!!! Her brother, Marvin, turned around and saw him shimmering at the top of a…was that an apple tree!? She interrupted her own thoughts. An APPLE tree!? Parrot sat content at the top of the tree, vigorously biting into an apple. “Come down here you little stinker…” Ashley said, walking over to the bottom of the tree. The monkey’s head shot up, and then down. He looked around for a bit and then jumped onto a different tree and ran. “HEY! COME BACK HERE!!!” Ashley yelled, running after the escaping monkey. Marvin simply stayed where he was at, shaking his head. “Why did we get a monkey?! A chipmunk would have been better…” Marvin said.
    There! XD :P hehe, I know, that was a pretty random story! :P :) Ha! :) Nice prompt though!!! :D I hope to write a story for a couple of the other prompts you’ve put up, Loren! :D

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