Summer Bucket List

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It’s the first day of summer! Granted, I started summer vacation in late May, but now it feels more like summer.

Anyway, a lot of bloggers have recently been posting summer bucket lists, so I figured I’d try my hand at that. ;)

tumblr bucket list drive-in movie

1. Go to a drive-in movie. I’m going to watch Finding Dory with my best friend this summer!

2. Go to sleep-away camp. I’m going to a scouting camp for a week in August, and my best friend Izzy is coming with me!

3. Run a 5k. My mom is going to sign me up to run a really cool 5k the day before I leave for camp. It’s not a normal race: there’s tons of cool obstacles! Two water slides, a net you have to climb, a giant stack of hay bales, and more. Izzy and my dad are going to be on my team.

4. Breathe in helium and sing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” It just sounds fun to me. XD

tumblr bucket list walk through a drive-thru


5. Walk through a drive-thru. I just need to find someone crazy enough to do this with me! Not sure my mom would approve of this plan, though . . . :P

tumblr bucket list best friend scrapbook


6. Start a book of memories with my best friends. I could probably get my friend Kelsie to do this with me, but Izzy? She’s camera shy (actually, we all are, but we like taking pictures!). I’ll figure out a way to do this.

7. Write 5,000 words for my novel. The word count for Shadow Bird is currently 31,290. Writing 5,000 more words would mean getting motivated to work on my project again, but hopefully I can do it!

tumblr bucket list crayon art

8. Make crayon art. This craft looks so cool, and I love looking at all the amazing pieces that people have made. If I do this, it will probably fail . . .



9. Buy a mermaid tail. I suppose this is the most unlikely thing on my summer bucket list, but I’ve always, always wanted a mermaid tail.

tumblr bucket list candy pizza


10. Make a candy pizza. Does that sound good to you? Because that sounds good to me.

tumblr bucket list try archery


11. Try archery. I’ve always wanted to do this, and I’m going to learn how at my scouting camp!

tumblr bucket list run a mile


12. Be able to run a mile. My mom is going to run the 5k mentioned earlier with one of her friends, but she needs to train. There’s a track at the middle school close to our house, so maybe I’ll accompany her there when she’s training and accomplish this.

13. Go on several fishing trips. I love fishing with my dad on river. We get in the canoe, load up a cooler with snacks, and spend hours on the water.

 tumblr bucket list best friend photoshoot


14. Do a photoshoot with my best friends. As I previously mentioned, my friends and I are all camera shy — doing a cute photoshoot will be challenging, but I’m determined to make it happened. Watch out, dear BFFs.

tumblr bucket list Disney movie marathon


15. Have a Disney movie marathon. Need I explain?

16. Go to an amusement park. My mom is planning on taking me and my brother to Hershey park. :D

Summer Bucket List: Go Star Gazing. Lots of blankets and pillows in back of pickup truck, sky watching at its best!:


17. Spend the night in the back of my dad’s truck. With friends. :)

18. Get free Slurpees from 7-Eleven on July 11th. My family found out about this on accident. We’d just stopped in at 7-Eleven on a hot day, and the small Slurpees were free!



19. Go to a water park. There’s a water park at the resort close to my house, and we go there nearly every summer.

have a water balloon fight #bucketlist:


20. Have a water balloon fight. An EPIC one.

I think that’s it . . . It’s unlikely that I’ll accomplish everything on my summer bucket list this year, but I can hope, right?

What are some things on your summer bucket list?

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38 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

    • Rea says:

      Sadly/lamely, I finished all my goals but three:
      1. Read divergent series
      2. Customize my doll Paige, into Callan Weston Grays ( if you watch AH (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you watch this) but I’m still mad at him. But I love him still.)
      3. Watch all four hunger games movies
      Bonus Goal:
      Save up for my girl’s dollhouse.😓😰😖😫


  1. Emerson says:

    Hi Loren! I’m Emerson and your bucket list is so cool.Yesterday night me and my little sister went and saw finding dory.It was so cute!If your like me and cry your eyes out when you read books then you will definitly cry in the movie!



    • Loren says:

      Hey, Emerson! Thank you. I watched Finding Dory with my BFFs over the weekend, and it was amazing. It really brought back memories of watching Finding Nemo when I was younger!



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