And That’s Who I Am #1

 Hey, guys!

I’m starting a new series where I’ll post “And That’s Who I Am” pictures of things that describe me. Here we go!

*All images from*

I love tea. #AndThat'sWhoIAm.

I get awkward when people compliemt me. #AndThat'sWhoIAm.

I love Christmas. And That's Who I Am.

I'm a brunette. #AndThat'sWhoIAm.

I hate having my photo taken. #AndThat'sWhoIAm

I'm awesome. #AndThat'sWhoIAm

At the end of each of these And That’s Who I Am posts, I’ll ask some questions that relate to the pictures. Feel free to answer them in the comments!

Favorite drink?

Which do you like better: giving compliments or receiving them?

Favorite holiday?

Hair color?

Would you rather be in front of the camera or behind it?

Are you awesome? (Hint: the answer should be something along the lines of “Duh, of course I’m awesome.” :D )



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