How to Survive the Summer


Everyone looks forward to the gloriously warm summer months, but once freedom finally arrives, you might find yourself . . . well . . . bored. So I decided to put together a post of fun things to do this summer.

Man in the Swimming Pool

  1. Exercise.

Staying inside all day can make you feel grumpy and groggy, so go outside and let the fresh air wash over you! Try hiking, swimming, biking, or practicing your favorite sport.

Colorful books on shelf

2. Read.

Without school textbooks to consume your time, find some fun fiction titles to read. Set a goal for yourself of how many books you’d like to read, or participate in a summer reading program. Work through your To be Read stack or browse my What I’m Reading posts for book suggestions.

streets, sunshine, skateboard

3. Try something new.

You could learn a new skill for something you already know, like a new song on your instrument, or pick up a new hobby altogether, like skateboarding or gardening.

person, woman, girl

4. Listen to music.

Who doesn’t like music? Discover a new favorite song and learn the words by heart. My favorite artist is Owl City — you can listen to his songs on YouTube at Owl City – Topic.

Hand with oil pastel draws the heart

5. Craft/make art.

There are tons of craft tutorials on the internet. Jewelry, modifying clothes, bedroom decorations, and more. If you haven’t already, try making Artist Trading Cards! Hayley @ Flourishing by Restful Falls is a good person to talk to if you don’t know what ATCs are.

fashion, person, woman

6. Do a photography challenge.

30-day photography challenges are a fun way to improve your skills. Everyday, you’ll be given a new prompt, such as child, trees, silhouette, etc. Search “photography challenge,” go to images, and look at the challenges until you find one that you like.

Person Showing Its Feet Wearing White Sneakers

7. Go shopping.

Find a cute new tank top, swimsuit, or pair of shoes to show off.

Washing a car with a sponge

8. Make money.

Say you want to go to the mall, but you don’t have any money. You could beg your parents until they crack, or you could make some money! Help you family around the house, wash the car, sell lemonade, baked goods, or crafts.

Woman Holding Black Steel Pole during Daytime

9. Make friendship bracelets.

Look up patterns and weave colorful bracelets to trade with you friends. On top of being promises of friendship, they’re cute accessories.

Old photos in the wooden box

10. Start a scrapbook.

Fill a book with memories — your family, your friends, fun events. It will be neat to have your life documented in a scrapbook so you can look back at it when you’re older.

woman, model, outdoors

11. Have a photoshoot.

There are lots of great photoshoot ideas on the internet! Get a family member or friend to take your picture. You could even add the photoshoot pictures to your scrapbook!

hand, apple, iphone

12. Start a YouTube channel.

Get together with your friends/siblings and start a collab YouTube channel.

Fountain Pen on Top of Notebook Beside Drinking Mug

13. Start a journal.

How many of you have tried to keep a diary and failed? *raises hand* Instead of just writing your feelings and what happened that day, try doodling, taping in flowers, and planning goals for the next day.

arm, hand, desk

14. Make a summer bucket list.

What do you want to accomplish this summer? Write a list and check off the activities as you do them. For inspiration, check out my summer bucket list.

girl, women, model

15. Enjoy summer.

Though it’s a sad thought, summer will be over before you know it, and you’ll be back in school. So enjoy this summer while you can, and make memories that you’ll never forget.

What’s you favorite summer boredom buster?


P.S. Nabila from Hot Town Cool Girl did a great post with a list of sites you can get free images from. That’s actually where I got found all the pictures for this post! Read it HERE.


15 thoughts on “How to Survive the Summer

    • Rutvi says:

      Oops I posted my comment before I finished!
      What I meant to say was,
      I like to do a lot of those things, and I recommend finding a long term project for over the summer! It will take up your time like that. *finger snap*
      Also experimenting with different things is fun. I like to take pictures and then edit them even if I don’t post them, because why not?! :P


  1. izzy says:

    “Listen to Music” yup that’s me 24/7. (if any of you read this I really recommend listening to All Time Low, good band, and 99.9% of their songs are clean)

    How I spend my summer is curling up in a ball in my closet (in the dark) and a) blog, b) stalk the Hot Topic website/Amazon, and c) listen to the screaming emo bands I listen to. lol I’m so weird. xD


    Liked by 1 person

  2. frutie says:

    Yes, summer ends WAY too soon. My summer is going to end next week, because my mom says I have to go to this camp thingy where they teach you about middle school, but I’m 99% sure that I’ll know most of it. At least the week after I’m taking a shopping trip and going to my “local” AG store (that’s 3 hours away). Sorry for the rambling.


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