And That’s Who I Am #2

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That, and the sound of cleats smacking a soccer ball, are my favorite sounds.

and that's who I am. ❤:

And a procrastinator. Not easy being both. Imagine staying up until midnight editing a story, even though you had a week to write it. Which I do a lot.

andthatswhoiam quotes - Google Search:

Percy Jackson . . . Frozen . . . Percy Jackson . . .:

I’m sure you guys already knew that, though. Owl City, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Marvel, Keepers, LOTR, HTTYD, POTC, Pokemon, and Disney, are some of my fandoms.



Yum! Sadly, I don’t get to have it often.


And Spiderman, Deadpool, Captain American, Black Widow, and Bucky. :D

Favorite sound?

Perfectionist, or not?

Introvert or extrovert?

What fandoms are you in?

Favorite Bible verse?

Favorite kind of food? (American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.)

Favorite superhero?



14 thoughts on “And That’s Who I Am #2

  1. Geeky_Girl says:

    Awesome post!! :D

    Favorite sound?
    Probably the sound of a my softball bat hitting the ball!

    Perfectionist, or not?
    Yes!! I’m such a perfectionist and procrastinator!

    Introvert or extrovert?
    I’m an extrovert and introvert!

    What fandoms are you in?
    Disney, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Keepers ,Marvel and a lot more.

    Favorite Bible verse?
    I really like Psalm 23 and 27

    Favorite kind of food? (American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.)
    Chinese!! Yum!

    Favorite superhero?
    Batman or Captain America, or Iron Man, or.. I like a lot of then


  2. K.A. says:

    Favorite sound?
    a throwing knife spinning, rain, my horse nickering to me.. :P :D

    Perfectionist, or not?
    I would say…not.
    Introvert or extrovert?
    What fandoms are you in?
    Not much. I like captain america….and then like.. ugh. I don’t know. Ranger’s apprentice is nice! :P
    Favorite Bible verse?
    favorite bible verse? Probably Proverbs 1:7..>I think that’s the one.. :)
    Favorite kind of food? (American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.)
    AMERICAN! That’s what I AM! xD :P haha! JK
    Favorite superhero?
    Haha, Captain america!!! :D And then … black widow is neat too! ;)
    I really liked this post!!!! It was fun to read!

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  3. writeowl says:

    My favorite sound is rain and a solid hit on a volleyball :)
    I am very much a perfectionist and a procrastinator
    55% extrovert, 45% introvert
    My fandoms are PotC, LotR, Chronicles of Narnia, Jane Austen, Marvel, Sherlock, and Doctor Who
    My favorite Bible verse… is probably somewhere in John. The Gospel of john is my favorite book of the Bible


    • Rutvi says:

      My favorite sound is nails on a chalkboard!! JUST KIDDING. It’s actually the sound of my soccer ball being kicked :) or the sound of my teeth biting into a delicious cupcake. XD
      Perfectionist? Or not?: I am a perfectionist.
      Intro/Extrovert: Extrovert, I think.
      fandoms I’m in: I’m in the HP/Percy Jackson Fandoms.
      Fav Bible Verse: Well, I’m not Christian, so…
      I LOVE Italian food and Indian food.
      Black Widow.


  4. Ellie @ On the Other Side of Reality says:

    Numbers 1-4 and 6 definitely apply to me! :)
    Fandoms I’m in include (but are not limited to) Les Misérables, Tolkien, Discworld, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sherlock.
    Although I identify as agnostic, I do enjoy reading the Bible because I often stumble across little pearls of wisdom I can apply to my life. Just because I personally don’t believe Jesus was the Son of God doesn’t mean I don’t believe he was still a very wise man! I love any Bible verse that talks about loving your neighbor, because I think that’s super important in today’s world, but my all-time favorite has to be Song of Solomon 4:7 – You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in you. I know Song of Solomon was written as basically a giant love letter to someone else, but whenever I see that verse I’m always reminded to love myself, no matter what flaws I may have. :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


  5. Miri says:

    Favorite sound?
    A cat purring!
    Perfectionist, or not?

    Introvert or extrovert?
    What fandoms are you in?
    Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson…and so much more!

    Favorite Bible verse?
    Too hard! I honestly can’t decide!

    Favorite kind of food? (American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.)
    Italian, maybe….
    Favorite superhero?

    <3 Miri <3


  6. Lana says:

    Favorite sound? Ooh, I like the sound of rain too, that’s one of my favorites. And…my mind is blanking for anything else. Oh oh, I like the sound of wind rustling against trees, and birds chirping, and the ocean.

    Perfectionist, or not? Sometimes, but I try not to be and I’m usually not.

    Introvert or extrovert? Introvert.

    What fandoms are you in? I’m not a very active fandomer but I love LotR and HP and lots of others I couldn’t list right now.

    Favorite Bible verse? Hmm, I really like Proverbs 3:5-6.

    Favorite kind of food? (American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.) Thai (curry and such)! It’s delicious.

    Favorite superhero? Ooh, I don’t know. I’ve only seen two or three superhero movies, honestly…


  7. AnonymousA says:

    Favorite sound?
    Clacking of keys

    Perfectionist, or not?
    *Sobs* yess

    Introvert or extrovert?

    What fandoms are you in?
    Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, LOTR, Taylor Swift, Narnia, The Hobbit, Owl City, KOTLC, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Warrior Cats

    Favorite Bible verse?
    Psalm 56:3

    Favorite kind of food? (American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.)

    Favorite superhero?
    Thor. All the way.

    What is Deadpool? How would you rate it? How appropriate is it? I’m considering watching it.
    (please pray, I’m going to the dentist tomorrow and as anyone could tell you, I have a fear of dentists)


  8. mydollcorner says:

    Favorite sound: Rain and tap-dancing.

    Perfectionist, or not?: Depends…

    Introvert or extrovert: Again, it depends. I’m like a crazy maniac with my friends and a shy doesn’t-like-to-talk-much person when I’m not with friends.

    What Fandoms are you?: Adventures in Odyssey all the way!

    Favorite Bible verse: 1 Peter 5:7 and 2 Timothy 1 :7

    Favorite kind of food?: Mexican! XD

    Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman and Captain America! (Lol they’re both patriotic)


  9. frutie says:

    1. songs/music; especally girl and the dreamcatcher
    2. PERFECTIONIST! ; it’s sad that every few months my dolls live in a construction zone
    3. introvert
    4. Hunger Games,Princess Diaries, Aspen Heights (youtube series), and the Maze Runner (I need to read the books), just to name a few
    5. Maybe I should reread my bible (My church closed years ago but I still don’t have the heart to read it. I loved those people, and a teacher of mine went there and so did my mom’s old boss.)
    6. American/ Italian. ( I couldn’t live without pizza even though the French invented pizza.)
    7. call me lame but I’m a feminist so… WONDER WOMAN & BATGIRL, ( this begins writing ideas) but I’m much more of a villain person myself. (Maleficent is my TRUE hero!)


  10. Lily says:

    I love these posts!

    Favorite sound? Rain and pages of a book turning. 📚

    Perfectionist, or not? Definitely! And a procrastinator, too. ;)

    Introvert or extrovert? I’m a 75% introvert and a 25% extrovert. :)

    What fandoms are you in? Harry Potter, LOS, Percy Jackson (I totally ship Percy and Annabeth), and Hunger Games (kind of).

    Favorite Bible verse? I can’t choose! Any one that talks about hope and peace.

    Favorite kind of food? (American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.) Italian! I love Italian food. But I also LOVE Mac’n’Cheese and cheeseburgers, so I really like some American food too.

    Favorite superhero? Myself, a.k.a Batman. Because you have never seen me and Batman in the same room, right? ;)


  11. bennettv says:

    Cool post!
    My favourite sound is also rain. Also, the sound of quiet. I know, that seems odd, but with kids, quiet is a very rare thing.
    Less of a perfectionist now that I am older. Except with my writing. Editing makes my head spin.
    I am definitely more of an introvert now that I am older as well.
    I am a huge fangirl. My fandoms include: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, Firefly, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Spiderman, Sandman (really just anything by Neil Gaiman)
    I am a Christian. I <3 Jesus. I don't really have a fave Bible verse, but I like, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I just think that's a lot of what's missing in this world right now.
    My fave food is Japanese food. We are part Japanese, so I love sushi. I could eat sushi all day forever. I also really love Thai food and Vietnamese food. Okay I just love food. LOL!
    Fave superhero: Spiderman. I just love that his character isn't much to begin with, just a regular guy, but then he gains all of this power and responsibility. I like stories like that. :)


  12. Grace (The Girl Upstairs) says:

    I love these posts! Mind if I do it on my blog as well?

    Favorite sound?
    Rain, quiet, and wind chimes.

    Perfectionist, or not?

    Introvert or extrovert?
    I’m more in between, so an ambivert. :)

    What fandoms are you in?
    PJ, Keepers, Narnia, Hobbit/LOTR, and Star Wars.

    Favorite Bible verse?
    Jeremiah 29:11.

    Favorite kind of food? (American, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.)
    Italian! (Camp Jupiter 4 EVA! XD )

    Favorite superhero?
    Batman. ;)


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