Volunteering at the Library


yes, i am back, my lovelies. ♥



I recently signed up to be a volunteer at my town’s main library. I’ve been wanting to do that since I was super young; I always put series in the right order when I’m browsing. Now I’m finally old enough to work there, and I volunteered there for the first time on Tuesday!

I got there at ten, and my first task was cutting out paper shovels for a craft. That was pretty dull. I was multitasking while cutting, reading the library’s policy for volunteers or something or other. There was a dress code . . . and it said “no shorts?” LOL, nah. I’m going to wear shorts, it’s August.

After I finished cutting, the lead librarian gave me a tour of the various sections: JF (Juvenile Fiction), J (Juvenile Nonfiction), JE (Juvenile Easy), Easy Read, Spanish, and DVDs. The JE section confused me a bit at first, because the fiction and nonfiction were in entirely different sections and nobody told me that. She explained the Dewey Decimal System to me, then handed me off to the other volunteer, Cole (it was his last day working there). Then he gave me the tour again!

bookshelf rainbow:


Then I got to shelve books for two hours! Yaaaaay.

There were two missing books that we were supposed to find, The Cricket Winter and something like Llama Lama Hippity-Hop. We found the llama thing in the F board book section instead of the D section, but we scanned a whole aisle for The Cricket Winter and didn’t find it.


My friend Kelly told me about a book years and years ago, and her description stuck with me. And what do you know, while I was shelving, I found it! I checked it out, and while I’m only about forty pages in, it’s pretty good so far. I’m honestly just really glad that I finally found the book Kelly told me about. ☺



I’ve been reading less and less this summer, which makes me a bit angry at myself, because I LOVE reading. I usually get about six books out of the library and end up being too busy to finish any of them. I only got Inkheart out of the library on Tuesday (self control, my friends), and I plan on finishing it before next time. Then I’ll get one more book out, read it before Tuesday, and so forth. Maybe it will get me out of my reading slump. ;)

I like working there well enough, and it’s helping me get Service Stars for American Heritage Girls. To get a Service Star, I need fifteen hours of volunteer work, and I get two hours every time I work at the library.

Also, I had to fill out an application to work there. I turned in this baby:




50 thoughts on “Volunteering at the Library

  1. bennettv says:

    I love libraries! My dad was head of the provincial library system before he retired, so I have spent my fair share of time in them. I wish I had more time to read, but writing keeps me pretty busy. I keep telling myself that after I complete this final novel I will read more, but I know it’s not true. Other stories keep calling me to write them down. :)

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com


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