Infinity Dreams Tag (2)

I think Emily from A Purpose and a Promise nominated me for this award a really long time ago. It might have been a different blogger, I don’t really know, but I think it was Emily.

What is your favorite name that starts with K?

Kacey and Kelsie are two of my favorites. :)

What are your birthday traditions?

I usually have my two best friends spend the night and then head up to the American Girl Store in D.C. for a shopping spree. Oh, and I just started a tradition where I give a pineapple as a birthday present (enjoy yours, Megan!).

Do you prefer to write by hand, or type things up?

Type. Most definitely. My pencil can’t keep with my mind when I’m writing by hand.

Do you collect anything?

American Girl dolls! I have twelve total, and have bought most of them myself. I blog about them at Happy House of AG. I also collect notebooks (sooo pretty) and I have to collect 50 stamps for an AHG badge.

What is your least favorite chore?

Erm . . . putting clothes away. I can do my laundry at least four times before finally putting away all my clothes. XD

How long have you had your blog, and what is one tip you would share?

I’ve been running this blog since July 2015 — a little over a year. But I started blogging in March 2014, when I started my doll blog.

As for a tip . . . engage your readers and make internet friends! They’re so encouraging, and it’s a lot of fun getting to know them. :)

Do you prefer to read short blog posts, or long ones, and why?

Sometimes I don’t have enough time to read super longs, so I only end up reading about half. But when I have enough focus and time to read a complete long post, I enjoy it. So, I don’t know, I guess it really depends what the post is about.

What is your favorite month of the year?

Um . . . maybe September! Fall soccer season starts, AHG starts, co-op starts, my Youth Group’s weekend retreat . . . lots of fun stuff goes on in September, though that’s when my school usually starts.

 If you were given $100, what would you do with it?


Also fandom merch.

If you could visit one fictional world, which would it be?

I’m going to be clever here and say The Land of Stories world. They have potions that turn books into portals! I would then use those potions to open the portals to the Percy Jackson series, Emily Windsnap series, Keeper of the Lost Cities series, etc.

  Do you write your blog posts way ahead of time, or do you tend to write them on the spur of the moment?

When I get an idea, I sit right down and start writing . . . then I get distracted and the post goes unfinished (this one, for example, has been a draft for months!). But if I have nothing in my draft box, I will power through that post and finish it up so I can publish it.

I tag . . .

Saanvi @ A Notebook, One Pen, and Me

Olivia @ Life as Liv

April @ April Dreams

Hope @ The Nerd Notebook

You guys can just answer Emily’s questions, because I’m too lazy to come up with my one. Procrastinator’s life, baby.



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