Summer Bucket List — Results

My mom is easing me back into a school routine, so summer is pretty much over. That being said, at the beginning of summer, I posted a summer bucket list. Now that the school-free months are over, it’s time to see how well I did!

Key: red = not done. Green = done. Blue = Sort of.

tumblr bucket list drive-in movie


1. Go to a drive-in movie. I slept over at my best friend Izzy’s house, and we went to watch Finding Dory and Alice Through the Looking Glass. I actually ran into my other best friend Kelsie at the drive-in theater, and her family watched the movies with us.


The tent Izzy and I stayed in.

2. Go to sleep-away camp. Izzy and I went to AHG camp with our moms for a whole week in August. It was at a Boy Scout camp and was tons of fun. I wrote a separate post about camp that I’ll get up eventually.

exercise, hobby, jog

3. Run a 5k. Aye! My dad and I drove home early on our last day of vacation so we could get to the 5k in time. We met up with Izzy and her dad, who ran with us. There were tons of fun obstacles along the racecourse, like giant hay bales, monkey bars, Dumpsters filled with ice water (which we had to swim through), waterslides, mud pits, and more. It was exhausting, but good.

balloon, float, red

4. Breathe in helium and sing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” Nope. I never got around to it; and I never got a helium balloon. ;)

tumblr bucket list walk through a drive-thru


5. Walk through a drive-thru. Again, no. I’m not old enough to drive, and there aren’t any fast food places within walking distance of my house. I didn’t really get an opportunity to complete this one.

tumblr bucket list best friend scrapbook


6. Start a book of memories with my best friends. Sort of . . .? I have pictures, I just never picked a book and put the photos in it. 

class, diary, learning

7. Write 5,000 words for my novel. Yep! I wrote 6,294 words — a little bit over my goal. 

tumblr bucket list crayon art


8. Make crayon art. No . . . *sigh* IT LOOKS SO PRETTY, THOUGH.

9. Buy a mermaid tail. I actually did this one (surprise, surprise!), and I’m so glad I did! I love my mermaid tail. <3 I got mine from FinFun.

candy pizza



Me, at the archery range.

11. Try archery. I did it at summer camp, and I was actually OK at it. I earned AHG’s Archery badge!

tumblr bucket list run a mile


12. Be able to run a mile. Well, I ran a 5k, so I would hope that I accomplished this.

fishing, fishing pole, fishing rod

13. Go on several fishing trips. One . . . definitely counts as several. Definitely.

brunette, fashion, friends

14. Do a photoshoot with my best friends. Yeah . . .no. I didn’t see Kelsie (the one friend I knew would do this with me) very much this summer. But I shall rope her into it later.

tumblr bucket list Disney movie marathon


15. Have a Disney movie marathon. *sad, sad little sigh*

action, amusement park, carnival

16. Go to an amusement park. Hello, Hershey Park! It was awesome. :D

Summer Bucket List: Go Star Gazing. Lots of blankets and pillows in back of pickup truck, sky watching at its best!:


17. Spend the night in the back of my dad’s truck. Meh. Izzy’s dad’s truck, from about 6 PM to 1 in the morning.

By Transparentoceans:


18. Get free Slurpees from 7-Eleven on July 11th. Check!



19. Go to a water park. Our library usually gives water park tickets to the winners of their summer reading program, but not this year. So I didn’t get to go. :/

have a water balloon fight #bucketlist:


20. Have a water balloon fight. Did this at a friend’s birthday party! She had water balloons filled with food dye. So cool.

Out of twenty, I did eleven; sort of did three; and didn’t do six. Not too bad, really!

What was the coolest thing you did this summer?



18 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List — Results

  1. K.A. says:

    Wow, Megan was a part of getting one of them done! (I know more then I let on. >:D XD) That’s cool that you got that many done! :D One of my highlights (it’s always a highlight) was cattle gatherings and adorable puppies to play with. :) :D And then playing with my slip n slide in the yard while my sister’s horse- Cricket – slept (and snored) in the yard. :) :)


  2. Grace says:

    You did really good at this bucket list. I probably planned to make a summer bucket list, but then again I’m crazy and was probably dreaming. xD

    I’ve always wanted to get a Slurpee from 711. My dad have a goal to get there, some day.


  3. The Joys Of Julia says:

    I went on a two week road trip this summer! But it was the same time as a summer camp I had been really looking forward to, but I had to miss it.. But the road trip was really fun, and I got to go to Cedar Point!


  4. Madi (Delightful World of Dolls) says:

    Haha, you did better than me on my bucket list! Oh, wait… I didn’t have one. 😄 Probably ’cause I didn’t take off of school for the whole summer. ;P Sounds like you did some really fun things! That candy pizza is looks so good… 😄


  5. Hayley says:

    Go Loren!! Almost all the things I did were only half way done ;). But hey–at least that’s more than nothing, right?? I’m not ready for winter, though… I’m gonna miss swimming :/


  6. Mafoma says:

    The coolest thing that I did this summer is go on a 2 hour hike or so with my cousin to find wild horses. And we found about 60 of them! Sounds like you had a great summer!


  7. Rutvi says:

    im rereading your old posts and AHHHHHH I WANT A CANDY PIZZA

    I spent history class today writing “alex gaskarth❤️“ all over my eraser. XD


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