Ponyo Movie Review

For AHG’s Creative Writing badge, I have to write a review of a movie. I chose . . . PONYO.

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Ponyo Movie Review

I saw this movie at the library and I thought, Hey, this is by Ghibli Film — they made My Neighbor Totoro, right? (Did not actually see that movie, but whatever.) I was expecting it to be a cute little movie about that red thing on the cover. The DVD case said something about it being based on The Little Mermaid Maybe there will be mermaids in Ponyo! I hoped eagerly.

Let me tell you everything wrong with this movie. One, what the heck is Ponyo? The little boy in the movie, Sosuke, says that she is a goldish, and only one person in the entire movie seems to realize that she has a human-like face???

It’s never explained what Ponyo is, why she has so many siblings, why they are all trapped inside a bubble deep down in the ocean, and why her father (who has long hair, tacky style, and wears makeup) is evil.

The only character I liked in the entire movie is Sosuke’s mom, Lisa (though why her name is Lisa and her son’s is Sosuke, I will never know). She was very realistic, what with getting so angry at her husband and all that.

OK, basic plot summary: little fishy friend Ponyo gets swept up onto shore and is captured by our lil’ man Sosuke. Ponyo’s dad sends evil water blobs to capture her; eventually, Dad takes her back to their undersea bubble home. She says that she wants to go back to Sosuke because she loves him; when Dad says “No way, hun,” she sprouts chicken legs and arms and tries to run away. Dad imprisons her and then leaves. Ponyo and her numerous siblings (who all look exactly the same) break out of their fish tank-like home. Ponyo touches some forbidden magic elixir, her siblings turn into giant fish and they flood the mainland! Fun!

Ponyo is reunited with Sosuke; his mom drives to her job to care for elderly people, leaving her son and the strange chicken girl alone during a tsunami (good parenting, Lisa!). The next day, when Lisa doesn’t return, Ponyo uses magic to make Sosuke’s toy boat bigger, and they use it to sail to Lisa’s job.

Now, I’ve got to admit, the animated ocean life was very pretty. Good job on that part, Ghibli Film.

When Ponyo and Sosuke reach Lisa’s work, everyone is gone! Turns out they have all been kidnapped by Ponyo’s makeup-wearing dad and are being kept in a bubble cell in the ocean. But they all really like it there, for some reason?? So the dad kidnaps Sosuke and Ponyo, too.

Down in the bubble, Lisa is talking to Ponyo’s mom, a gigantic glowy lady who is apparently the goddess of mercy. They seem to have made a deal that if Sosuke promises to love Ponyo forever and ever, the little fish girl will turn into a human (but she’ll lose her magic. I think it’s a terrible deal.). Sosuke agrees for some reason, Ponyo kisses him (even though they’re five???), and that’s basically the whole movie.

I don’t understand why this movie was made! It was bizarre! Ponyo the chicken girl was terrifying! Maybe if I knew more about Japanese folklore (though I do know about senpai and otakus, so I’m not completely useless), I’d know who Ponyo’s mom and dad were, but honestly? FREAKING WEIRD MOVIE, SOMEONE PLEASE BURN IT.



If it’s not obvious . . . I did not like Ponyo. :)


17 thoughts on “Ponyo Movie Review

  1. Jaclynn says:

    That was hilarious. XD
    That’s sad that the movie wasn’t good! There’s so many good actors in it (LIAM NEESON – WHAAAT?!)! :(


  2. Anika says:

    O MY GOODNESS!!!!!! PONYO IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!! It does not have a plot line, but Ponyo is JUST SO CUTE! I watched this movie when I was five and I have loved this movie and others like it since then! HOW COULD YOU SAY YOU WANT TO BURN IT??????????? :( This is the only one of your posts that I didn’t like. (No offense)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kate says:

    PONYO IS AN AMAZING MOVIE! Sorry you didn’t feel that way…some people just aren’t cut out for Studio Ghibli.


  4. Grace says:

    Never heard of this movie, and have no intentions whatsoever to watch it. It looks (how should I say this?) odd….. Though some people may like this movie, I just don’t think it would interest me. :/


  5. anotakugirlsworld says:

    Something tells me you wouldn’t like most animes…I have an older sister and she hates stuff like anime, She hates Pokemon too :) My younger sister and I are crazy about anime, japan etc. we’re basically otakus…
    Sorry you didn’t like it. I’ve never seen it though.


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