AHG Summer Award Ceremony


My American Heritage Girls troop’s first meeting was about a week ago. There was a summer award ceremony and a crossover ceremony.

An award ceremony essential: a cute way to present badges. As the internet yielded no ideas that really clicked, I came up with my own presentation. Since several of the girls in the troop went to AHG camp this summer, I suggested that we present the awards on little paper tents.

To make the tent, draw the shape on a piece of colored paper (I filled the whole sheet with one tent). Draw the opening of the tent with Sharpie. Attach the badges with tape. I put Service Stars on the tent flaps, and badges and Fun Patches on the main body.


9 thoughts on “AHG Summer Award Ceremony

  1. orleansagdoll says:

    Omg! So that’s where that patch is from! So my dad gave me this red star patch that said ahg on it and I was trying go find where it was from, so thanks a million!
    Annecy and her random patch


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