When I was younger, I was never bored. Never restless. But now . . .? Things have changed. I’m restless and bored.

I have things to do, of course. Schoolwork. Chores. Blogging. Writing. But I don’t feel compelled to do them anymore. I know it’s not laziness, because even the things I love doing don’t make me feel full.

Maybe I’ve lost my purpose.

People have many views about purpose. “Your purpose is to do well in school.” “Your purpose is to glorify God.” Your purpose, your purpose . . .

That’s great and all, but I don’t want my whole life to be about getting good grades or singing hymns. I should probably care more, especially about that last one.



Restless, empty, purposeless.



Right at this moment, all I really want to do is get on a plane.

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Open a book.


Listen to music.



And find my purpose.


22 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. bennettv says:

    Oh girl, I feel ya! I felt this way my whole life. Some people’s purpose is so obvious, their talents are clear, and they have a strong understanding of what they want to do or be, a clear, straight ahead path. Others have to search high and low for their purpose. I didn’t find mine until my thirties! My advice to you is to do what you absolutely love. No matter what and above all else, do what makes you happy. And relax, because you know that God has a plan for you, and it’s going to be amazing. It took me thirty years to even be ready for my purpose. I know, it’s hard to wait, and it’s so tedious doing all the routine things, but the better you do now, the more freedom you will have for that purpose later. I promise.

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com


  2. zoeyweaver says:

    I feel you on this one. In my experience if you are feeling like getting on a plane it means your trying to escape something. Escaping is great but it doesn’t get you any closer to feeling full.

    When I get in these funks where I’m feeling totally lost and scattered I find it really helpful to do a few things: get a new book (usually a self-help variety – You Are A Bad*** is a really good one), and change something in my life (my job, my hair, etc.).

    Good luck <3


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